Mi-Kis Compete at the UKC Dog Show, Kiowa, CO 2021

Royal T Mi-Kis participated in the annual High Plains Kennel Club UKC dog show this year in conformation. Despite not being able to work regularly with our two show contenders because of recent litter complications, Cocoa Chanel and Harley did very well in the competition. It was thrilling to be showing again after giving it up for 2020 due to COVID.

Mi-Kis Compete at 2021 UKC dog show
Mary Parker, breeder/handler with Royal T’s Harley Ryder and Royal T’s Cocoa Chanel Couture

Royal T’s Harley Ryder and Royal T’s Cocoa Chanel Couture are only 8 months old, however, they represented the Mi-Ki breed quite well for judges who had never seen them before. In fact, one of the judges remarked that he could see why the Mi-Ki could become quite popular when evaluating Harley and seeing his enthusiastic antics.

Harley is a bit of a knucklehead and won’t stand and stack nicely for anything. Despite being silly while “standing,” he relishes time with me and would excitedly prance around the show ring. His signature head tilt would win over the judges every time! As a result, Harley won a group 2, two group 3s, and a group 4 in the companion ring. This was very satisfying when competing against other great breeds who also show with the AKC. Harley earned his championship over those five shows!

Cocoa Chanel was too scared to show off her winning personality at first. Consequently, Bill actually ended up carrying her around the ring for her first show (he’s such a good sport!) By the last two shows of the weekend, Chanel was walking around on her own. She even showed off her marvelous tail set. Unfortunately, Chanel didn’t get any competition wins, but it was a great experience for her. We’re sure she’ll do better in the future.

Photos from the UKC Dog Show

We offered our photo booth equipment for the High Plains Kennel Club to use in a self-serve fashion. Bill and I would help take photos of the winners with people’s cell phones. Thankfully, a professional photographer helped out on the second and third show days. Brittany McGivney of McGiv Photography specializes in pet photos and rock climbing. Her attention to detail made every participant look their best.

Brittany was so grateful to have a ready-made photo setup to use that she graciously offered us our photos at no cost. Thanks to her generous gift, we’re able to share these professional photos of the dog show with you. Should you need any pet photography done in the northern Colorado region, please reach out to her! Brittany was wonderful to work with.

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    I would like to extend my congratulations to all the participants, their owners, and handlers for their hard work and dedication. Competing at such events requires immense preparation and training, and their efforts truly paid off. It’s also great to know that the Mi-Kis received recognition and awards for their exceptional performances.

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