About Us

About Mi-Ki Puppies

After being assigned to write about every dog breed for work, eventually, I came across the Mi-Ki. This small dog breed seemed ideal for my family’s needs – portable, personable, and hypo-allergenic.

What really impressed me, however, is how time and time again I read that Mi-Kis make great medical alert dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support animals, and have an uncanny way of tuning in to people’s needs. As a person who suffered from a health issue, the thought of having a medical alert dog was intriguing.

It was almost exactly a year from the date I first wrote about Mi-Kis that I was finally able to find one and bring her home. Evie arrived over the 4th of July weekend in 2016, and she is everything we could have hoped for.

Royal T Mi-Kis was also able to bring Jubilee’s Southern Charm Royal T “Savannah” into our family a few weeks later. She is a rare and beautiful chocolate Mi-Ki and used to come with me to work daily to test and model pet products for BaxterBoo.com. Now we are able to work from home.

Since then, we have added several more quality dogs to our program either from other breeders or dogs from our own breedings.

Our Mission

The Mi-Ki is a rare and relatively unknown breed. We seek to educate others about the wonderful traits of the Mi-Ki and seek to raise quality health-tested companions for others to enjoy as family members, therapists, and even medical alert dogs. Click for information on Mi-Ki puppy care.

We don’t breed many Mi-Kis, but the ones that we do come from heirloom lines. We breed for health, temperament, conformation, and, of course, cuteness. You can be assured that your Mi-Ki will give you many years of delightful companionship. We have a health guarantee to back up our promise.

We are a small-scale home-based Mi-Ki hobby breeder in Colorado but we want others around the country to experience the blessing that these dogs are as well. We will deliver a Mi-Ki to your nearest airport with a puppy nanny to ensure a safe arrival.

Please contact Mary at 303-246-3196 to see if a Royal T Mi-Ki is right for you.


Our Mi-Kis are registered with the American Mi-Ki Registry Association and the United Kennel Club. We are also members of the American Mi-Ki Club (I serve as recording secretary) the High Plains Kennel Club (UKC- I also serve as the secretary) and Plum Creek Kennel Club (AKC). We obtain the recommended Orthopedic Foundation for Animals health screenings and use the Optimal Selection and/or Embark DNA screening for health issues and other heritable traits.

We have partnered with ESAnimals.com to provide a hassle-free way for our clients to have their Mi-Ki registered as an official emotional support animal with supporting documents and an ID card.  If you plan to use your Mi-Ki to help you cope with stress, social phobias, or for emotional support, you could be eligible for this service which can allow you to live and travel with your pet without fees. Use code “RM303” for a $10 discount code for this much-needed service!

We have been accepted as a Good Dog Breeder with an Excellent rating for health testing practices. Please feel free to visit our Good Dog Profile.