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Grand-opening-bannerAs Mi-ki pet owners, we know it can be difficult to find the right products for toy breeds. To meet the need of our fellow small dog lovers, we’ve hand selected products to suit puppies, teacup and toy-sized breeds.

Whether you’re looking for a puppy collar, a luxury bed, a harness, a carrier, toys, or fun fashions, we have the products your pup has been dreaming of.

We’re adding new products daily to the Royal T Mi-kis Petite Pup Boutique to offer a wide selection of the best puppy and small dog gear anywhere!

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Royal T Mi-kis – Now Registered with the UKC – and we went to our first dog show!



The Mi-ki was officially recognized by the United Kennel Club in January of 2016. Founded in 1898, The UKC is the world’s largest performance breed registry. This esteemed club offers family-friendly events that not only judge a dog’s appearance but also give dogs an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they were bred for.

With this in mind, we decided to register all of our dogs with the United Kennel Club to be able to participate in dog shows and make it easier for any future Royal T Mi-ki offspring to do so as well. After all, Mi-kis definitely deserve more exposure in the dog world for their beauty, temperament, and trainability!

We joined a local chapter of the UKC, the High Plains Kennel Club (HPKC), and it has been a lot of fun to get to know other dog lovers in Colorado. Alan Krenek, the president of the club, has taken us under his wing to prepare us for UKC shows, for which we are incredibly grateful!

In fact, our first show went so well that Brighton nearly earned her championship, and probably would have had her handler (me) not accidentally missed one of the group ring competitions while socializing with other dog lovers. It was a beginner’s mistake, but we had a lot of fun in spite of ourselves.

Brighton earned tons of ribbons, and excelled in the group ring, competing against seasoned adult companion breeds. Since Brighton is only 7 months old, we are thrilled that the judges found her to shine among such a wide range of excellent breeds.


There’s always next time, and next time, we’ll show even more of our Mi-kis. We chose to show just Brighton since it was our first event, and the other Mi-kis are much too busy working on new puppies! We hope to have new additions in early January 2018! Stay tuned! asked us to share about our first show dog experience on their blog. You can read about that here: Brighton’s Big Day – Tips and Trials from our First Dog Show.


When Good Mi-kis Go Bad

IMG_3741Our fans look forward to our weekly updates of puppy photos of our “perfect” little angels.


Mi-kis are vicious beasts. They may be under two pounds, but they are fierce. And fast. Here is the proof.


Say goodbye to your precious petunias…

IMG_3521IMG_3532Mi-ki puppies attack!!


You may see the attack coming


and try to stop it


but it is futile…

You can run, but you can’t hide!



They’ll steal your things before you realize they’re gone!


They’ll take on other wild beasts three times their size!IMG_3518IMG_3514

But overall, they’ll still put their best side forward… sort of.


Mi-kis might just be a little bit crazy. But we love them just the same!


Royal T Mi-kis Featured on the New American Mi-ki Club Site


We were tickled to be asked by the American Mi-ki Club to submit photos of our Mi-kis for their new website which was just relaunched this spring of 2017. The new AMC site is really fantastic and will be a great resource for Mi-ki lovers everywhere.


Photos of Savannah, our chocolate Mi-ki, are nestled throughout the site as well as some of our puppies from our first litter. In fact, Abby is the first puppy featured on the Long Coat Puppy Gallery!


You’ll really enjoy looking at all the photos in the AMC galleries, and the Mi-ki breed history page is very informative.

When looking through the AMC site, I noticed there is going to be a shop as well! I emailed the president of the club and thanked them for featuring so many of our photos. I then asked, “what will be sold in the shop area?”

That one simple question has now led to me being appointed as the Shop Chairperson. Any suggestions for what a Mi-ki owner would like to buy for themselves or their pups would be appreciated!

Meet Rayne, An Enchanting Mi-ki Girl

We’re very excited to have added a new member to our Mi-ki pack. This smiling little girl had been whispering to us ever since we saw her first puppy photos. Dark puppies are very hard to photograph, but we could see she had the most enchanting little face, and we were smitten! We could see this little black diamond Mi-ki girl would make a lovely addition to our family.

Rayne’s full registered name is Brumby’s Run Right as Rayne Royal-T. It’s a big name for a little dog, but it suits her. She truly is right and has nestled herself deep into our hearts in a very short time.

She has a sweet, calm demeanor and seems wise beyond her age. She is watchful, thoughtful, and is very devoted in a quiet way. She would probably make an excellent therapy dog.

We’ve taken her on several outings, and she really doesn’t get rattled by anything. We even took her to Home Depot, where she was exposed to saw noise and a class of hammering human youngsters, and she took it all in stride!


It’s always great when you can combine good looks with a great personality. But those two factors are just the start of what we look for in a breeding hopeful.

Royal T Mi-kis is committed to producing healthy, well-balanced offspring. That’s why we go the extra mile and invest in extensive tests to determine breeding suitability. We’re pleased to say that her Mars Veterinary Optimal Selection Test has shown her to be clear of any of the 140+ heritable diseases that can be revealed in DNA.

Rayne’s Optimal Selection Test also revealed that she is a black and brindle carrier. Indeed, even though she looks black, her luxurious coat has strands of silver and gold. She will be quite stunning as she matures.

As Rayne matures, we’ll have her tested for ophthalmic and orthopedic conditions to be assured that she could be a great candidate for our breeding program. We are hopeful and confident that she’ll be as healthy and sound as she is pretty and sweet!

How to Care for Your New Mi-ki Puppy

new_mi-ki_puppy_care_royal-t-mi-kisBringing a new puppy home is an exciting time but it can be a little unnerving when you have a tiny new family member to look after. We’ve taken a lot of care to raise our puppies so that they will be ready to make the transition into their new homes as easily as possible. Here are tips to keep your new Mi-ki Puppy healthy, happy, and off to a great start!

Tiny Puppy Considerations

Toy puppy breeds have unique needs that larger breeds don’t face. They need to be fed regularly, supervised while outdoors to avoid predators, and you have to know where they are at all times so they don’t get accidentally stepped on.


Toy and teacup dog breeds need to be fed regular small meals so they don’t get hypoglycemia. Puppies that have been playing hard or encountered a stressful situation can quickly deplete their energy stores (glucose) and can be at risk of having low blood sugar levels.

If your new puppy is acting wobbly, dizzy, and just seems a little out of it, place a little Karo syrup on their gums to help stabilize their blood sugar levels.If your puppy doesn’t seem to respond to the syrup treatment quickly, seek veterinary attention immediately.

Hypoglycemia is a risk for tiny puppies and can be very serious. Sustained or repeated episodes of hypoglycemia can lead to irreversible brain damage. Always carry snacks with you to reward good behaviors and to keep your Mi-ki puppy’s blood sugar levels stable!

The Mi-ki Shuffle

Mi-ki dogs and puppies love to be near people. Bred specifically for companionship and attentiveness towards humans, this desire can inadvertently put your Mi-ki puppy at risk for being stepped on.

The solution for this risk is adopting a new walking style that seasoned Mi-ki owners call “The Mi-ki Shuffle.” Instead of taking big steps, you’ll want to shuffle your feet around the house.

This creates noise that alerts your pet that you’re on the move, and it also keeps you from accidentally stepping on your new puppy. I can’t stress this tip enough. Sadly, I had a former puppy perish after going to his new home because I didn’t know how to articulate this danger to his new owner.

Also keep in mind that if you’re sitting at a desk or table, your puppy will likely settle under your chair. Train yourself to look for your dog before you move an inch. Rolling over a tail or paw could cause a very serious injury or worse.

Consider adding a tiny bell to your puppy’s collar to help you know where your little shadow is so you can look out for them and keep them safe!

Predator Risks

Small dogs and puppies look so adorable! But to a hawk, eagle, or owl, your new pet looks a lot like lunch. If you would like to train your new pet to use the potty outdoors, you’ll need to be prepared to go with them every time. You need to watch your Mi-ki like a hawk!

Some Mi-ki owners opt to continue to have their puppies use the potty pads they were trained to. Your puppy could also be trained to use a litter box or any of the new indoor potty stations. This is a great option for apartment dwellers and for areas that have birds of prey and/or coyotes in the neighborhood.

Always keep your pet on a leash to keep them safe. Some owners even put sparkly clothing on their small dogs to confuse hawks and other predators since it makes your dog look unnatural. So now you can have a reason to dress your pet and not feel foolish… it’s for safety!

Training a Small Breed Dog

There are special considerations when training a dog or puppy of small stature. Mi-kis are intuitive, smart, and eager to please, so you’ll find it surprisingly easy to train them. They can be emotionally or physically hurt with harsh treatment, so it’s important to train them in a positive and gentle manner.

For housebreaking, you may choose to use a crate or simply keep your pup tethered to you so they are under your constant supervision. Always throw a little party for your puppy when they use their potty pad or go where you want them to. Don’t punish your puppy for going in the wrong place. Use an enzymatic cleaner to remove soiling odors so your puppy doesn’t return to the wrong place for their potty break. It’s easy to miss little potty spots with a small Mi-ki, so vigilance in housetraining and cleaning is important!

For teaching commands, unlike larger breeds, you can’t physically push your Mi-ki puppy into the desired position you’d like them to perform, like “sit.” This could damage their hips. With smaller breeds, you have to lure your pet into the sit position and then reward them.

A great book that explains tips for training toy breeds is Little Dogs: Training Your Pint-Sized Companion by Deborah Wood. It covers all of the unique issues related to small dog training and is a fun and positive method.


Leash Training

It’s important to remember that even though small dogs can get a lot of their exercise needs met simply by running around your home or apartment, walking your Mi-ki is still a great way to bond with  your pet, give them mental and physical exercise, and provide more training opportunities and socialization.

When walking your puppy or small dog, Royal T Mi-kis recommends using a harness rather than a collar to prevent damage to their tender necks. Specifically, a no-choke harness is the best.

Some of our favorite styles are the American River Choke-Free Dog Harnesses by Doggie Design, the Gooby Freedom Harness II, and the Cirque harnesses by RC Pet. These brands come in sizes that are small enough for Mi-kis and have a choke-free design that is perfect for your puppy.

Sleeping Arrangements

When bringing home your new puppy, it’s probably tempting to let them sleep in your bed with you, particularly if they are crying. A tiny Mi-ki puppy could easily be crushed or smothered in a shared bed.

A safer alternative is to have them in a crate near your bed. You can verbally comfort them or even give them a little pat if they cry. Try not to give in and put them in bed with you. Set the tone as a calm, confident leader.

There are documented health benefits to sleeping with your dog, but until your new puppy is bigger, is reliable with their housetraining, and you’ve been established as the pack leader, it’s wise to have your little one sleep by your bed in a crate.

Products We Like and Use

To make an easy transition with your new Mi-ki puppy, these are the products we’ve been using.


Your puppy has been eating Now Fresh Grain-Free Small Breed Puppy kibble mixed with a canned dog food that is 95% turkey or beef. We like Dave’s canned dog food as well as Cocolicious. We microwave a little of the canned food  for about ten seconds and then mix in equal amounts of kibble. You can add a little dab of canned pumpkin if your puppy’s stools are too soft. Mi-kis don’t eat very much, so these can covers are perfect for refrigerating what you don’t use.

We feed our puppies three times a day. If you’re gone during the day, please leave your puppy with plenty of fresh water and access to kibble so he or she doesn’t have low-blood-sugar issues.

Potty pads

We’ve been using disposable pads with IRIS puppy pad holders. Many breeders like washable fabric potty pads, but we’ve opted to use paper ones so they don’t confuse the fabric ones with your area rugs.

If your puppy seems to like to tear up their paper potty pads, try a holder with a mesh grate on the top.

There are lots of indoor potty options for your Mi-ki. Since Mi-kis are smart, they’ll get the hang of whatever you provide for them quickly!


A puppy playpen is a great place to have your puppy stay safe while you’re away or need them out from under your feet. We like the IRIS puppy playpens. They are available in a wide range of colors to complement your home decor.


Your Mi-ki is a long-coat dog that is hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed. Mi-kis have rooted hair rather than fur and will require regular grooming. You may opt to keep your dog in a puppy cut or have them in a natural or show cut. You can work with a groomer or groom them yourself.

You’ll want to comb your Mi-ki regularly after being lightly misted with a pet conditioner spray to help remove tangles and prevent mats. If you’re in a hurry, you can also use a pin brush for quick detangling.

It’s important to keep your puppy’s eye area clean and trimmed. This helps prevent tearing and stains. Eye wipes are nice to keep the eye area clean.

Always detangle your pet before bathing to keep mats from getting worse. Bathe your pet with a pet-safe shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry and use a detangling spray such as The Stuff before combing out your pet’s hair.

When combing, start at the legs and work your way up towards the back. Use a wide tooth comb first and graduate to a smaller tooth comb. Combing is recommended over brushing for Mi-kis because they penetrate tangles all the way to the skin. Additionally, brushing can be damaging to the coat.

It’s also important to trim your dog’s nails and shave and/or trim your dog’s paws to keep your pet’s feet clean and healthy.

Also, trim up the “exit areas” to keep your pup’s  fur soil free and to ensure they can eliminate without difficulties.

Thank you for loving your Mi-ki!

We’ve put our heart into our pets and our puppies, and we are grateful you’ve chosen to adopt one into your family where they will be cherished.

If you have any questions about your puppy’s care, please give us a call or email us. We’d love it if you kept in touch and send us updated photos. Feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page!



Royal T Mi-ki Puppies Ready for New Homes!


These adorable Mi-ki puppies are available to approved homes now!

These beautiful Mi-ki puppies are almost ten weeks old, which means they’re finally ready to go to their new homes. We keep our puppies until they are at least ten weeks old so that they have had time to gain immunities from their shots and are less likely to develop low blood sugar problems when they travel.

These adorable Mi-ki pups are from the heritage lines of Brumby’s Run Mi-kis of California, which are some of the oldest and healthiest lines around. In fact, our veterinarian was quite taken with the whole litter.

Our vet is impressed!

This was our veterinarian’s first exposure to Mi-kis and he was pleased that it’s apparent that care has been taken to promote health in this budding breed.

Dr. Atkins, of Dusty Plains Veterinary Services, explained that a lot of toy breeds have patella problems, and he was pleasantly surprised to find that these puppies’ knees all felt solid, even at this young age. He also didn’t detect even a mild heart murmur or any hernias, which are common in many puppies.

All of the puppies were declared healthy and whole and had no adverse reactions to their vaccinations.

How do I adopt one of these cute Mi-ki puppies?

Please feel free to call Mary at 303-246-3196 or email her at! We’d love to find out more about you and how a Mi-ki can fit into your family. We want you to love your Mi-ki as much as we do!

Our Mi-ki puppies are available to approved homes. We don’t sell to puppy brokers or puppy mills. We love these little pups and want to make sure they go to homes where they will be cherished and well cared for.

That means we might ask you a few questions about your home life. You don’t have to be perfect (we aren’t) but we do want to be sure you and your new Mi-ki have the best start together. We also want you to be comfortable with us because we hope to stay in touch over the years and hear about your adventures with your new Mi-ki!

Royal T Mi-kis is located just south of Denver, Colorado. We are a small home-based breeder that may only have one or two litters a year. So if you like one of our puppies, don’t wait!

Once you’ve been approved, and payments have been arranged, we can figure out how to get your new Mi-ki puppy to you. If you’d like, you may fly to Denver International Airport to pick up your puppy yourself or we can get you in touch with a courier who will deliver your puppy to your nearest airport. This service is $350.

If you live close enough to drive to us, we’d love for you to visit. That way you can see where your baby grew up, and we can show you some of our tips and tricks for grooming, feeding, and more.

Regardless of whether you pick up your Mi-ki puppy in person or use a puppy transport nanny, we’re here to offer you a lifetime of support to make the transition into your home as easy as possible.

What’s included with my adoption fee?

A Mi-ki puppy is an investment, and we want to send your puppy home with everything they need for a great start. Your Mi-ki puppy’s adoption fee includes:

  • Complete veterinarian examination and records to give to your own vet
  • A health guarantee against life-threatening congenital defects for one year
  • BioPet DNA certification that your puppy is a purebred Mi-ki
  • A certificate from the American Mi-ki Registry Association
  • Dewclaw removal
  • Dewormings
  • First set of shots
  • An airline-approved carrier (even if you drive to pick up your puppy)
  • A supply of current food to transition to the food of your choice
  • Puppy pads
  • Toys
  • Comfort items (such as a blankie that smells like their first home)

What’s not included?

Royal T Mi-kis are sold as companions only and not for breeding purposes unless otherwise arranged.

Visit our Nursery to see which Mi-ki puppies are available now!

Mary Parker

How to Host a Mi-ki Puppy Tea Party


Most folks might think it’s funny to host a tea party for puppies, but here at Royal T Mi-kis, we want to instill fine manners into our young charges, so that when they go to their new homes, they know how to behave properly.

Okay, actually, we just thought it would be fun to get out Grandma Snyder’s fine china that we never remember to use. We think she is probably smiling at these cute little pups eating so daintily off the dessert plates and sipping water from her teacups.

Evie’s puppies are nearly seven weeks old, and we know our time with them is running short. It’s one of the hardest parts of having Mi-ki puppies for sale. So we want to celebrate and capture these precious moments while we can. We hope you’ll enjoy them too!

Preparing for a puppy tea party

To create a safe place for the pups to eat and play, we spread a tablecloth over a table without the legs and placed it on the grass. Next, we added the place settings and some silk flowers.

The puppies’ proper lunch today consisted of a mixture of Cocolicious Organic Beef & Turkey grain-free canned food, a smidgen of Nummy Tum-Tum Organic Pumpkin pet food supplement, and Now Puppy grain-free kibble for small breeds.

We decided that saucers would just be something for the puppies to step on and flip the teacups, so we skipped those. Water was the beverage of choice.

Cuteness ensued…

If you’re interested in one of these darling pups, feel free to browse our nursery to see our available Mi-ki puppies.

Why a Well-bred Mi-ki is Priceless


How much is that doggy in the window?

A Mi-ki isn’t expensive… she’s priceless. People may be surprised that a small Mi-ki dog can sell for upwards of $3,000 or more. But any well-bred dog from a reputable breeder is going to be relatively expensive initially.

When less isn’t more

We’ve learned from experience that a low-cost dog can be very expensive in the long run. Several years ago, my husband bought Levi, a yellow Labrador, from a person he thought was a reputable breeder. Levi had pedigreed papers, but he was fairly inexpensive, as far as dogs go.

Little did he know that Levi was no bargain. Levi had a bad elbow that required surgery. He also had gastritis, which meant it wasn’t a question of if he would throw up — it was when. So Levi was put on a $90/month prescription, which was fine. He was a great dog and my husband adored him!

Levi saw the best specialists in Colorado and just had a great checkup just four months before he suddenly dropped dead of heart failure at the tender age of 7. It was years before my poor husband could even think about getting another dog, he was so devastated.

If you’re like us, you’d do anything for your dog, and my husband never begrudged the fact that Levi required so much care. But the gastritis meds alone cost $7,560 over his much-too-short lifetime. If he could have spent more to have a puppy that came from health screened parents to have more time with his precious dog, he would have.

Breeding with a purpose

Modern technology has given us an amazing window into canine genetics which can serve to guide us as we breed dogs. Thanks to DNA screening, we can test for coat types, coat color, and a multitude of health conditions.

The American Mi-Ki Registry Association (AMRA) requires that every one of our litters have DNA verification that they are purebred Mi-kis. They also guide breeders to promote gene pool diversity within this rare breed while maintaining the quality in health, temperament, and confirmation.

We have the privilege of being under the guidance of several fine Mi-ki breeders in the AMRA. Additionally, we will make DNA-informed decisions on breeding pairs.

Our Mi-kis are health screened and will have their OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certification for patellas. We will also register with the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) to screen for inherited eye disorders. These certifications will be on file with the AMRA as we seek to be patrons of this wonderful breed and members of a community that’s dedicated to the health of the Mi-ki.

Health screenings, DNA tests and premium veterinary care for our breeding companions and puppies may cost more up front, but we know that it’s worth it. With Mi-kis being so rare and wonderful, we are dedicated to doing our part to contribute to the Mi-ki’s continued health and temperament for future generations.


Meet Savannah, a Chocolate Mi-ki



Jubilee’s Southern Charm Royal T – “Savannah”


Savannah is a beautiful and rare solid chocolate colored Mi-ki from the famed Jubilee Mi-kis of North Carolina.

We made a family trip out of going to pick her up in July of 2016. We visited Barbara Briggs, her breeder, and loved meeting all of Savannah’s relatives. They are beautiful little dogs, and their quality and care really shows through!


My daughter meeting Savannah for the first time.

Whether flying home with her or when we’re out on adventures, everyone stops and has to ask about Savannah. People think she looks like an Ewok or a teddy bear!

Not only is she beautiful, but she’s smart and sweet and comes to work with me daily at to model and test products.

Here she is on a video!

We look forward to seeing how Savannah grows, though we don’t expect her to get very big.


Savannah’s mother, Carmen

Her mom, Carmen (International Champion Captivating Carmen of Jubilee), is just five pounds. Carmen is a beautiful chocolate sable and white girl with a winning pedigree as she is the daughter of Orlando’s Count Bocelli, who won Best in Show at the Orlando Mi-Ki Specialty in 2010!

We look forward to showing Savannah soon and eventually have her as part of our breeding program here at Royal T Mi-kis in Colorado.