Mi-Kis Compete at the UKC Dog Show, Kiowa, CO 2021

Royal T Mi-Kis participated in the annual High Plains Kennel Club UKC dog show this year in conformation. Despite not being able to work regularly with our two show contenders because of recent litter complications, Cocoa Chanel and Harley did very well in the competition. It was thrilling to be showing again after giving it up for 2020 due to COVID.

Mi-Kis Compete at 2021 UKC dog show
Mary Parker, breeder/handler with Royal T’s Harley Ryder and Royal T’s Cocoa Chanel Couture

Royal T’s Harley Ryder and Royal T’s Cocoa Chanel Couture are only 8 months old, however, they represented the Mi-Ki breed quite well for judges who had never seen them before. In fact, one of the judges remarked that he could see why the Mi-Ki could become quite popular when evaluating Harley and seeing his enthusiastic antics.

Harley is a bit of a knucklehead and won’t stand and stack nicely for anything. Despite being silly while “standing,” he relishes time with me and would excitedly prance around the show ring. His signature head tilt would win over the judges every time! As a result, Harley won a group 2, two group 3s, and a group 4 in the companion ring. This was very satisfying when competing against other great breeds who also show with the AKC. Harley earned his championship over those five shows!

Cocoa Chanel was too scared to show off her winning personality at first. Consequently, Bill actually ended up carrying her around the ring for her first show (he’s such a good sport!) By the last two shows of the weekend, Chanel was walking around on her own. She even showed off her marvelous tail set. Unfortunately, Chanel didn’t get any competition wins, but it was a great experience for her. We’re sure she’ll do better in the future.

Photos from the UKC Dog Show

We offered our photo booth equipment for the High Plains Kennel Club to use in a self-serve fashion. Bill and I would help take photos of the winners with people’s cell phones. Thankfully, a professional photographer helped out on the second and third show days. Brittany McGivney of McGiv Photography specializes in pet photos and rock climbing. Her attention to detail made every participant look their best.

Brittany was so grateful to have a ready-made photo setup to use that she graciously offered us our photos at no cost. Thanks to her generous gift, we’re able to share these professional photos of the dog show with you. Should you need any pet photography done in the northern Colorado region, please reach out to her! Brittany was wonderful to work with.

Introducing Our New Mi-ki Champions!

Mi-ki UKC Champion: Royal T’s Brilliant Brighton

We are very excited to announce that we have two new UKC champions! First, it was Royal T’s very own Brilliant Brighton, and she really did shine with her silky white coat and gleaming personality. The icing on the cake was that Brighton achieved her champion status on my birthday, and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift!


As you may recall, our first foray into the show ring last November was very successful, except for the fact that yours truly managed to accidentally miss one of the group competitions. Being so rare, Mi-kis can usually only receive their UKC championship titles by competing with other breeds in the companion category. Along with at least 100 points, three competition wins are required to win a championship. Brighton had enough points but needed one last competition win.

So when Brighton beat her kennel mate Truffle on Friday, I realized, “I think she’s a champion!” And she was, and is, and always will be… ribbons or no ribbons. She’s our firstborn Royal T offspring, and it felt right to have her win on my special 45th birthday.

Mi-ki UKC Champion: Jubilee’s Champagne Truffle

With Brighton’s championship in the bag, next, we focused on our sweet little chocolate Truffle, bred by Barbara Briggs of Jubilee Mi-kis. Weighing just 4 pounds 5 ounces, Truffle is a little dot on the show ring floor. Her beautiful chocolate color has silvered to a gorgeous taupe, but I was worried that she’d blend into the concrete floor of the ring.

To become a champion, we needed Truffle to beat Brighton in the next four shows. Those would also count as competition wins. Beating Brighton would be a feat because Brighton’s outgoing personality and bright white coat are so vibrant.

How would tiny Truffle do against the other companion breeds in the group competitions? We learned that many of the other dogs were already AKC champions, so the competition was pretty stiff! Plus, with UKC shows, our tiny Mi-kis can be competing with athletic Dalmatians, glamorous Shih Tzus, popular French Bulldogs, and flashy miniature Poodles.

Truffle always gets lots of positive feedback at our Plum Creek Kennel Club conformation class. She naturally stacks beautifully (meaning she stands straight and evenly) and always gives the judge a warm expression with alert ears. Truffle moves so smoothly and has such lovely proportions, so I was hopeful that she was just a little nervous when she lost to Brighton but would do well after that practice run.

Sure enough, after a long weekend of four more shows, Truffle was able to beat Brighton each time to gain her required 100 points! Since Truffle beat Brighton, those also counted as her competition wins.

The pleasant surprise was that tiny Truffle was able to catch the notice of the judges. She placed 4th in the group competition three times! I’ve heard from more experienced showers that the rare breeds don’t usually get much recognition in the group rings, so the fact that Truffle placed at all was a significant win not only for her but also for the Mi-ki breed. We’re very proud of her!


Special Thanks

Of course, these wins wouldn’t be possible without the support of our friends and family. Thanks to Bill Parker, the other half of the Royal T Team for helping me show, to my daughter Annaliese who also showed for the first time, and my aunt Marty Frick who came to support us and even took a little video for us!


Aunt Marty Frick came out to support us at the Twin Peaks dog show!

We are also grateful to our judges including Kathy Carter who awarded Brighton with her Championship, Alan Krenek who gives us wonderful advice and training, Heidi Scheff, the cheerful and thorough Sandy Shaw, and Rick Gann, who awarded Truffle with her Championship.

Championship photos credit: Randy and Kindra Solomon.

The Royal T Mi-kis Dog Breeding Program is Expanding

Breeding with a purpose

Mi-kis are amazing dogs that have been bred specifically for use as therapeutic companions. We hand select every dog in our program both as a treasured household member and as a contributor to the future of this fledgling breed. We choose friendly, calm, cheerful, intuitive dogs that are also simply adorable.

Breeding selections are made after health tests are done to select for the most desirable traits as well as for low inbreeding coefficiencies to promote the genetic health of Mi-kis.

Knowing that genetic diversity is the foundation for any sound breeding program, we’ve added new members to our pack for evaluation as future breeding hopefuls.



Royal T’s Brilliant Brighton is a 6.5-pound cream and white female who has done very well for us in the show ring.  She has a very friendly personality and is very sweet. So far she has passed her heart and patella exams and will get her eye screening soon as well as a DNA trait and health panel test.



Jubilee’s Champagne Truffle is a small chocolate female (we’re calling her a white chocolate mocha color) that we’re very excited about. She has an outgoing personality to make sure she’s noticed despite her small size. Truffle will have her health tests done in June. She has had very positive feedback from our coaches in our conformation class.

Our Youngest Hopefuls:


Brumby’s Run Baron von Royal T is a handsome and sweet red sable parti-color who carries chocolate and smooth. He has been hand selected to ensure we have a future of beautiful chocolate Mi-kis in our program.


Eden is a beautiful black and white female with a charming, gentle personality. She has a beautiful coat and a lovely, smooth gait. She carries chocolate and the smooth-face demi-long-coat gene.



Denaya is very graceful and athletic with beautiful proportions. Her solid black coat is lush and soft. She is very affectionate and fun! We look forward to her participating in showing in the future.

Why We’re Growing

Mi-kis have been a purebred dog breed for only about 30 years but they have won the hearts of many people. The rare Mi-ki dog breed has been accepted by the United Kennel Club (UKC) and is on its way to recognition with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Recognition and preservation of the Mi-ki dog breed

In order to get full recognition with the AKC, more generations (litters) must be recorded in the Mi-ki pedigree records as well as other qualifications that the Mi-ki clubs are working towards. Royal T Mi-kis registers with both the American Mi-ki Registry Association (AMRA) and the UKC.

Royal T Mi-kis is partnering with local branches of the UKC and AKC to help educate others about the Mi-ki dog breed and to help attain recognition by the AKC. We’ve begun showing our dogs with the UKC to get feedback on the desirable traits that healthy and sound dogs should exhibit for dogs in general as well as for the breed standard.

Royal T Mi-kis is making an effort to be part of the movement to secure a healthy and lasting future for the Mi-ki dog breed through several avenues. We’re making informed decisions for breeding through the use of health tests with both genetic and physical exams. We’re also taking canine genetics classes to understand the best breeding practices not only for a pleasing appearance but also for a sustainable future with a healthy and diverse gene pool.

Future goals

In order to fulfill our dream to provide others with healthy Mi-kis to enjoy and to secure a healthy future for the breed, we are looking to find a property with a bit more space and the appropriate zoning to accommodate a small in-home kennel. We will always remain small to ensure every puppy is socialized in a family home setting.

Royal T Mi-kis – Now Registered with the UKC – and we went to our first dog show!



The Mi-ki was officially recognized by the United Kennel Club in January of 2016. Founded in 1898, The UKC is the world’s largest performance breed registry. This esteemed club offers family-friendly events that not only judge a dog’s appearance but also give dogs an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they were bred for.

With this in mind, we decided to register all of our dogs with the United Kennel Club to be able to participate in dog shows and make it easier for any future Royal T Mi-ki offspring to do so as well. After all, Mi-kis definitely deserve more exposure in the dog world for their beauty, temperament, and trainability!

We joined a local chapter of the UKC, the High Plains Kennel Club (HPKC), and it has been a lot of fun to get to know other dog lovers in Colorado. Alan Krenek, the president of the club, has taken us under his wing to prepare us for UKC shows, for which we are incredibly grateful!

In fact, our first show went so well that Brighton nearly earned her championship, and probably would have had her handler (me) not accidentally missed one of the group ring competitions while socializing with other dog lovers. It was a beginner’s mistake, but we had a lot of fun in spite of ourselves.

Brighton earned tons of ribbons, and excelled in the group ring, competing against seasoned adult companion breeds. Since Brighton is only 7 months old, we are thrilled that the judges found her to shine among such a wide range of excellent breeds.


There’s always next time, and next time, we’ll show even more of our Mi-kis. We chose to show just Brighton since it was our first event, and the other Mi-kis are much too busy working on new puppies! We hope to have new additions in early January 2018! Stay tuned!

BaxterBoo.com asked us to share about our first show dog experience on their blog. You can read about that here: Brighton’s Big Day – Tips and Trials from our First Dog Show.