The Nursery – Current Puppies

If you’ve considered making a Royal T Mi-Ki puppy one of your future furry family members, now is a great time to fill out our Questionnaire and consider placing a deposit for one of our current puppies or upcoming litters. The form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Deposit Policy and Puppy Selection Process

A $300 non-refundable deposit places you in the choosing queue for our current and upcoming litters. Currently, everyone on the waitlist list has made their selection, so new deposits will select available puppies unless you’re looking for something way may produce in the future. The $300 deposit goes towards the purchase price of $3,400.

Breeding rights are an extra $1,500. Breeding requirements and deposits are listed at the bottom of this page.

We’ve listed our deposit choosing queue below to show current/future clients where their position is on the list. We have gone through the entire deposit list. Therefore, all new deposits will be able to select from our current available puppies. Of course, if our current deposits that have passed change their minds and decide to choose a current puppy rather than wait for a future litter, that is just fine!

Future Pet Deposits

  • Tim E. – Long coat, either gender. (Their senior Mi-Ki is still doing well so won’t be choosing this round – maybe early 2023.)
  • Anne R. – Female long coat, flexible on color, less than 5 pounds (closer to 4), up ears, with potential breeding option – waiting for a Chanel or Truffle puppy
  • Ms. OM – Smaller male, therapeutic temperament, possible breeding option, probably around Christmas or early 2023. Checking with her again now that Dawson has been released.
  • Beth D. – Sturdier puppy to be Trixie’s playmate. Candidate for a guardian home. Will pass for now. Might take Eden when she retires.
  • Kristen R. – smaller Mi-Ki to be a companion for current small Mi-Ki – still waiting for a possible blue puppy
  • Rebecca F. – Dark chocolate (Everleigh/Chanel/Echo are candidates. Will check in if Astra/Eclair doesn’t go to the breeder for some reason
  • Camille – small female, sable, tricolor or black & white – will need to pass this round due to family needs
  • Erika & Martin – chocolate smoothie – waiting for a smooth-face Mi-Ki

If you would like to apply to be on our deposit list, please fill out the adoption questionnaire (linked here and found at the bottom of this page) so we can get to know you and your needs.

Current Available Puppies

Everyone on our deposit list has made their selections or will be waiting for future litters, therefore, new deposits can select any of our currently available puppies on this page.

Current Puppies that have been selected have now been moved to our Reserved Puppies Page so new clients can see the available puppies more easily.

Brighton + Sinbad – DOB September 25, 2022 – the Carefree Litter

Puppies sired by Sinbad must be approved by Barbara Teichner for breeders. This litter will be ready for homes around December 4th, 2022. These puppies will be the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or your family! Most are already reserved, however.

Casper long-coat light cream male – nine weeks old – charting at 6 pounds, 15 ounces – Available now

Casper is about as white as you can get when it comes to Mi-Kis. He’s developing some cream patches. He’s a very pretty boy. He looks like a little polar bear cub! He has an underbite that is starting to show. Casper has a gorgeous, non-matting coat. He is trending up slightly on his weekly weight estimates. Casper has been officially certified as a Sinbad baby. Casper is very sweet and loving. He makes friends with everyone.

Lucy + Cosmo – DOB October 1, 2022 – the “Darling” litter

Lucy has produced our first-ever dual-sired litter. Delaney is out of Sinbad, and Dawson is out of Cosmo. Lucy weighs 5.5 pounds. Cosmo weighs 4.25 pounds. Sinbad weighs 8. These puppies will be ready for homes around December 10, 2022. They will receive their first vaccination on November 28 and will be due for their second on December 26. These puppies will be the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or your family!

Dawson – long-coat black & white male – eight weeks old – charting at 4 pounds, 11 ounces – Available

Dawson is a handsome boy who will make a gorgeous pet or a wonderful addition to a breeding program. Dawson carries clear red, big K, tan points, and blue. He does not carry smooth, according to Embark. He has now been released as a pet candidate as the breeder who was considering him has decided to go in another direction. Dawson has a level bite. He has been genetically certified as Cosmo’s son. He is trending slightly lower on his predicted adult weight this week.

ray eyes! Because of her watchful, sensitive nature, she would probably make a good ESA. She loves to be carried and cuddled. She was very sweet-natured at the vet this week. She has a scissor bite. She seems to be showing signs of silvering around her face, so she may end up being silver and white as an adult.

Upcoming Litters

Bitsy + Harley – due approximately December 12, 2022

This is a repeat pairing for us. Bitsy and Harley can produce sables, brindles, black & tans, and cream/white/apricot puppies. They can produce long-coat puppies and also have a 25% chance of producing smoothies. Bitsy had four puppies in her last litter. Bitsy weighs 7 pounds. Harley weighs 5.

Everleigh + Cosmo – due approximately December 12, 2022

This is a new pairing for us. Everleigh and Cosmo can only produce long-coat puppies. They can be clear red (cream/white/apricot), black, sable, or chocolate. Everleigh weighs 7 pounds. Cosmo weighs 4.25 pounds.

Bernadette + Cosmo and/or Harley – due approximately December 20, 2022

We were trying to pair Bernadette with Moses in hopes of getting smooth-face Mi-Kis from his line before he retires. We used Cosmo as a backup for blue though he cannot produce smooth-face puppies. We then used Harley with her once since we didn’t get any smooth-faced pups this round and we never witnessed Moses do his job.

Cocoa Chanel + Cosmo – due approximately December 24, 2022

Cocoa Chanel was successfully paired with Cosmo. They have a 50% chance of producing spotted chocolates (both dark and sable chocolates) since Chanel is a chocolate sable. They have a 50% of producing clear red (white/cream/apricot) puppies. They can also produce black & white and parti sables. They can only produce long-coat puppies. Chanel and Cosmo are both just over 4 pounds so their puppies will likely be small as adults. Their puppies will be ready for homes in March of 2023.

Evie + Moses – due on Christmas Day, 2022

Evie and Moses produce beautiful puppies that come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

We were considering retiring Evie, but she had other ideas. She paired herself with her long-time love Moses and they produce some of our favorite puppies. If they give us a tricolor female who is large enough to breed, we will likely keep her for our program as this is one of the most requested colors we receive. They can also produce sables, cream/white, and black & tan puppies. They can only produce long coat puppies.

Francine & Cosmo – due approximately January 27, 2023

Francie was paired early with Harley, but Cosmo probably had the right timing. If Cosmo is the sire, they can produce blue, chocolate, sable, and black/white puppies that are long coats. If Harley did manage to sire any of the puppies, the puppies could be chocolate, black & tan/tricolors, sables, or brindles. The puppies have a 25% chance of being smooth-face Mi-Kis. Fran weighs 4.5 pounds. She carries everything but clear red (so no cream/white puppies at birth, though sables often end up cream.) Cosmo weighs 4.25. Harley weighs 5.

Planned Litters

We will be pairing Echo with Cosmo or Harley. Gabriella will be paired with Cosmo again or possibly Louis. Cara Mia will likely have her second cycle in May of 2023. She will be paired with either Harley or Louie. See Our Dogs for more information.

Interested in a puppy?

Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out our questionnaire to show that you’re interested in being contacted for future litters. You may also choose to fill out the adoption questionnaire here, so we can get to know you and your needs.

Feel free to look through our Previous Puppies page to get an idea of what our current or future puppies might look like as they mature.

The Adoption Process

Royal T Mi-Kis makes every effort to ensure our puppies are matched with the right family for a lifetime of mutual enjoyment. The first step towards adopting a Mi-Ki is to fill out our adoption questionnaire (see below) which will help us understand what you are looking for in a Mi-Ki.

We’ll exchange emails, chat on the phone, or even set up a Zoom meeting to get to know each other. Next, a $300 non-refundable deposit will place you in the choosing queue. The deposit goes towards the $3,400 purchase price.

When the puppies are old enough to determine traits (usually around 4-6 weeks), established breeders will have the first choice followed by pet deposits. We will contact you when it’s your time to select a puppy. If you decide to wait for a future litter, you’ll move up in the choosing queue behind others who may have also passed.

What’s Included?

Your Mi-Ki puppy will have a veterinary examination, first shots, a microchip, dewormings, dewclaw removal, and an airline-approved carrier. We also throw in a bunch of puppy supplies to help your young Mi-Ki get off to a great start!

Our Mi-Ki puppies are started on puppy pad training. Our puppies now have their first month with their new families covered by Trupanion Pet Insurance. Trupanion will pay your provider directly for any extra care needed for their first 30 days.

Puppies will be released to their new homes at around 10 weeks of age or 2 pounds. Small for gestational age or preemie puppies may need to be held for additional time. We can coordinate a puppy nanny to fly a puppy to your nearest airport for $400 plus airfare (to include an in-cabin pet ticket plus the courier’s ticket.)

Puppies may also be picked up by their new owners from our home or from Denver International Airport. Puppies should fly home on a direct flight if at all possible.


We are unable to facilitate young puppy adoptions to Hawaii due to the state’s rabies/quarantine regulations. Only available adult Mi-Kis or older puppies are eligible to be adopted to Hawaii if the short quarantine protocol (5 days) can be met with daily visits to the quarantine holding facility by the adoptive family.

Please note that international adoptions will require an additional $200 surcharge for extra paperwork fees, extended boarding, and vaccination requirements. Most international destinations require a rabies vaccination and puppies to be at least 16 weeks of age. My son has obtained his passport and is available for international courier services for a $500 transportation fee, plus airfare, the one-way in-cabin pet ticket fee, and for overnight lodging if required.

Breeding Information

Breeders looking for puppies will have to be approved by the originators of our lines before we can sell a puppy with breeding rights. Established breeders will be given priority over pet owners to ensure that breed-standard/show-quality Mi-Kis stay in the gene pool.

We reserve the right to keep a puppy for our breeding program if circumstances require it. A deposit refund or replacement puppy will be offered instead.

Breeder Requirements

Breeding rights are an additional $1,500 for approved kennels or new breeders that are willing to be mentored. Breeders agree to perform AMRA health testing recommendations and will abide by the American Mi-Ki Club Code of Ethics for breeding and responsible placement.

Breeder Deposits

  • Barbara B. – Larger Truffle female, or smaller chocolate and smooth carrier male.
  • Ms. P – Waiting for a blue or blue carrier male from Cosmo – Chanel or Bernadette? (Lucy/Gabby are too closely related)
  • Gayla – Gabriella/Cosmo puppy in 2023.
  • Becky – Astra
  • Tracy K. – Smooth-face female – Bernadette was bred to smooth carriers for hopeful smoothie pups
  • Bonnie – unrelated male, blue carrier
  • Cindy – female chocolate carrier out of Harley

Pedigrees of the parents may be viewed on the Our Dogs Page to determine breeding compatibility. Any puppies sold for breeding out of Belle Amie or Jubilee lines will require approval from Barbara Teichner and/or Barbara Briggs. Additionally, any future puppies produced from these lines are contractually bound to be granted permission before selling to other breeders.

Please note that established breeder deposits will take precedence over pet picks in order to preserve the Mi-Ki gene pool. Breeders are often looking for something quite specific such as a particular color, pedigree, ear set, size, being a carrier of certain traits, and excellent conformation. Because of these preferences, chances are that most of our puppies will be going to pet homes.

Contact Us

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white Mi-Ki puppy wearing black shirt now a mother of our current puppies
Royal T’s Brilliant Brighton as a puppy in 2017.  She’s now a UKC Champion and has had some beautiful puppies of her own. Her parents are Evie and Moses.