The Mi-Ki Puppy Nursery

We’ve listed our deposit choosing queue below to show current clients where their position is on the list. It also helps new applicants know how long they may have to wait for a puppy. These are refundable deposits, with many clients having multiple deposits with other breeders, so the list can change. The more specific the request is from our clients, the longer it may take to produce since we can’t boss Mother Nature around!

Breeder Deposits

  • Bonnie – Larger female from Evie’s litter
  • Angela – Chai or Savannah female

Breeder deposits may take precedence over pet picks in order to preserve the Mi-Ki gene pool. We are also looking at our upcoming litters for candidates to stay in our program as we are looking to retire some of our breeding dogs.

Pet Deposits

  • Lucille C. – Chai girl.
  • Deanna CE – long coat male in the spring
  • Karen G. – Everleigh black show puppy, flexible. Also interested in Denaya when she retires.
  • Lynn S. – long coat male in March with medical alert temperament
  • Holly R. – long coat male with therapeutic temperament
  • Danielle C. – female
  • Alana H. – dual deposits – one male, one female, one solid black, one parti-colored (black or brown)
  • Barbara C. – leaning towards a light-colored Mi-Ki, either gender
  • Mary M. – sturdier Mi-Ki, either gender, flexible color, possibly from Evie/Moses
  • Christine M. – 4-5 lbs, either gender or coat type, darker
  • Theresa A. – less than 7 lbs, smooth-face, leaning towards a female
  • Katharine & Bob – Likely an Evie female, lighter color, sturdy
  • Eileen – not in a hurry for her puppy
  • Amalia O. – male
  • Tim E. – either gender, medium size (6lbs) long coat for therapy work

If you would like to apply to be on our deposit list, please fill out the adoption questionnaire (linked here and found at the bottom of this page) so we can get to know you and your needs.

My Little Cup o’ “Chai” + Orlando’s Cowboy – The Fairy”Tail” Litter – DOB 3/1 & 3/2/2021

Chai was paired with Cowboy from Tesoro Mio Mi-Kis again. This FairyTail litter looks very much like the Winsome litter they had last year with one girl and one boy. (See Zola and Winston on our Previous Puppies page.) Chai is 4 pounds and Cowboy is 5.5 pounds.

Gretel was born just before midnight so they have different birthdays. We will be evaluating Hansel for our own program. Because Chai’s lines are rare, priority will be given to breeders if any of her puppies are considered good candidates for showing and breeding.

Introducing Gretel – DOB 3/1/2021 – Reserved

Red Sable Long-Coat Female Mi-Ki – One day old

Gretel looks like a beautiful little twin of Zola/Waverly from Chai’s Winsome Litter. She’s a solid red sable with tan points and will likely end up a beautiful strawberry blonde like her mother Chai as an adult. Gretel is on hold for evaluation as a breeding candidate for Angela. If Gretel ends up tracking too small for breeding, she may become available for our pet deposits.

Introducing Hansel – DOB 3/2/2021 – On Hold

Red Brindle Long-Coat Male Mi-Ki – One day old

Hansel also has a close resemblance to his brother Winston from Chai’s Winsome Litter except for the fact that Hansel is a red brindle rather than a sable. He reminds us of a tortoiseshell cat! Hansel is a candidate to be a new stud at Royal T Mi-Kis who carries clear red from his mom and chocolate and smooth from his dad. If he ends up having great conformation, Hansel will be staying here. We love his mottled copper color and his white chest, paws, and goatee.


Jubilee’s Champagne Truffle + Brumby’s Run Baron von Royal T and/or Jagger – due March 14, 2021

Truffle has been paired with both Baron and Jagger. So perhaps we’ll have a dual-sired litter. If Jagger sires a female for us in this litter, she might be a candidate for our breeding program. Truffle produces between 1-3 puppies. Truffle looks like she is having a nice, healthy pregnancy with a full tummy.

Brumby’s Run Evie One Loves Royal T + Tesoro Mio Moshe – due March 16, 2021

Evie and Moses produce beautiful puppies that come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Evie has been paired with Moses and we’ve promised the first-pick female to go back to Evie’s breeder. Evie typically produces 4-5 puppies. This has been a very popular pairing for us. Evie looks like she is growing nicely.

Royal T’s Happy Everleigh After + Baron von Royal T – due March 22, 2021

Everleigh and Baron can produce chocolates, sables, and black puppies. They can also produce smooth-face Mi-Kis. We weren’t expecting Everleigh to cycle quite so soon so the pairing was a bit of a surprise. We’re hopeful that she still had plenty of eggs for a nice full litter. She seems like she is growing nicely, but time will tell. Everleigh and Baron both weigh approximately 5.5 pounds.

Next, we hope to pair Isabelle with Cowboy or Dexter. We will try to pair Lucy with Dexter or Quigley, with Jagger as our backup.

We’ll be skipping Savannah and Eden on their upcoming seasons.

Interested in a puppy?

Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out our questionnaire to show that you’re interested in being contacted for future litters.

Feel free to look through our Previous Puppies page to get an idea of what our current or future puppies might look like as they mature. You may also choose to fill out the adoption questionnaire so we can get to know you and your needs.

The Adoption Process

Royal T Mi-Kis makes every effort to ensure our puppies are matched with the right family for a lifetime of mutual enjoyment. The first step towards adopting a Mi-Ki is to fill out our adoption questionnaire (see below) which will help us understand what you are looking for in a Mi-Ki.

We’ll exchange emails, chat on the phone, or even set up a Zoom meeting to get to know each other. Next, a $500 deposit will hold a puppy for you. Many people opt to put down a deposit before a litter is born to ensure that a puppy will be reserved for them. Further information regarding our puppy deposit policy is available on our adoption questionnaire.

What’s Included?

Your Mi-Ki puppy will have a veterinary examination, first shots, a microchip, dewormings, dewclaw removal, and an airline-approved carrier. We also throw in a bunch of puppy supplies to help your young Mi-Ki get off to a great start!

Our Mi-Ki puppies are started on puppy pad training. Our puppies now have their first month with their new families covered by Trupanion Pet Insurance.

Puppies will be released to their new homes at around 10 weeks of age or 2 pounds. Small for gestational age or preemie puppies may need to be held for additional time. We can coordinate a puppy nanny to fly a puppy to your nearest airport, or puppies may be picked up by their new owners from our home or from Denver International Airport.


We are unable to facilitate puppy adoptions to Hawaii due to the state’s rabies/quarantine regulations. Only available adult Mi-Kis are eligible to be adopted to Hawaii if the short quarantine protocol can be met with daily visits by the adoptive family.

We are suspending international adoptions (outside the United States) until further notice due to travel complications during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some flexibility may be available for Canadians willing to fly to Denver, Colorado to pick up their puppy.

Breeders looking for puppies will have to be approved by the originators of our lines before we can sell a puppy with breeding rights. Established breeders may be given priority over pet owners to ensure the best Mi-Kis stay in the gene pool.

We reserve the right to keep a puppy for our breeding program if circumstances require it. A refund or replacement puppy will be offered instead.

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white Mi-Ki puppy wearing black shirt
Royal T’s Brilliant Brighton as a puppy in 2017.  She’s now a UKC Champion and has had a couple of beautiful litters.