The Nursery – Current Puppies

We have one smooth-face male available now! Our new litters will be made available for selection soon when they are old enough to determine traits.

If you’ve considered making a Royal T Mi-Ki puppy as one of your future furry family members, now is still a great time to fill out our Questionnaire and consider placing a deposit for one of our current or future litters. The form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Deposit Policy and Puppy Selection Process

As of 4/1/2021, we are complying with the Mi-Ki breeder network to modify our deposit policy as follows: Deposits have been reduced from $500 to $300 but are now non-refundable. A deposit places you in the choosing queue for our upcoming litters that will begin arriving in May of 2022.

We’ve listed our deposit choosing queue below to show current clients where their position is on the list. It also helps new applicants know how long they may have to wait for a puppy. We don’t have our deposits start selecting puppies until they are at least 2 weeks old when we know coat types. Selection typically begins when the puppies are 4 weeks old.

Breeder Deposits

  • Barbara B. – Larger Truffle female, or smaller chocolate and smooth carrier male.
  • Ms. P – Waiting for a blue or blue carrier male (from Cosmo)
  • Gayla – Gabriella/Cosmo puppy after June 2022
  • Becky – Breedable female from Cosmo, possibly from Gabriella/Cosmo pairing.
  • Tracy K. – Smooth-face female

Pedigrees of the parents may be viewed on the Our Dogs page to determine breeding compatibility.

Please note that established breeder deposits will take precedence over pet picks in order to preserve the Mi-Ki gene pool. Breeders are often looking for something quite specific, such as a particular color, pedigree, ear set, size, being a carrier of certain traits, and excellent conformation. Because of these preferences, chances are that most of our puppies will still be going to pet homes.

Pet Deposits for future litters

  • Tim E. – Long coat, either gender.
  • Anne R. – Female long coat, flexible on color, under 5 pounds, up ears, breeding potential.
  • Rita M. – smaller smooth face – possibly Everleigh/Harley puppy.
  • Kris G. – flexible on gender and color. Waiting for a summer litter.
  • Ms. OM – smaller male with possible breeding rights (previous deposit now active again)
  • Beth D. – Future puppy to be Trixie’s playmate.
  • Kristen R. – future litter, female puppy to go with Pascha.
  • Roger & Laney – Female

If you would like to apply to be on our deposit list, please fill out the adoption questionnaire (linked here and found at the bottom of this page) so we can get to know you and your needs.

Current Available Puppies

The current litters will soon be available for selection by our deposit list. Stay tuned for details.

The “Ultra” Litter – Everleigh + Harley – DOB May 15, 2022

Everleigh was paired with Harley and blessed us with four girls and one boy. Each puppy in this litter has a 25% chance of being a smooth-face. Their puppies have a good chance of having erect ears.

Umeko – black female, unknown coat type – one week old – charting at 3.5 pounds

Umeko means “plum blossom child” and “patient.” Umeko and Umeeka are like twins! At this point, we can only tell them apart by the markings on their throat. Umeko has a dash of white on her neck and two white toes on her front paw. We won’t know her coat type for a couple of weeks. Umeko weighs 5.6 ounces and is charting at 3.5 pounds currently. I’ve had to use different colored accessories to keep all the girls straight!

Umber – chocolate female, unknown coat type – one week old – charting at 5 pounds

Umber means “brown” and is the “u” version of Amber. Umber is a dark chocolate girl and is now the biggest in the litter and weighs 7.9 ounces. We will know her coat type in a couple of weeks.

Upton – black male, unknown coat type – one week old – charting at 2.5 pounds

Upton is a beautiful black male with a touch of white on his chest and paws. Open fontanels (soft spots) are quite common in toy breeds, but his is more pronounced. His head is also a bit domed. We will have him evaluated by our vet this week. Upton acts like a normal puppy and is slowly gaining weight, but we want to be extra cautious. He weighs 4.1 ounces which only has him charting at 2.5 pounds at maturity. I lovingly call him Alfalfa at times because of his little tuft of hair on his head.

Umeeka – black female, unknown coat type – one week old – charting at 3.75 pounds

Umeeka means “pretty girl” in Hindi and she definitely is! She was the smallest at birth but has passed her sister Umeko and weighs 6.0 ounces. She is charting at 3.75 pounds currently, but we expect her to trend upwards. We can only tell Umeeka apart from Umeko by the dot of white at her throat. She is black with some bronzing on her coat. We will know her coat type in a couple of weeks.

Ulani – black female, unknown coat type – one week old – charting at 4.5 pounds

Ulani is Hawaiian and means “cheerful.” Ulani is the second biggest puppy in the litter currently and weighs 7.3 ounces which has her charting just under 4.5 pounds at the moment, but I expect her to trend upward. She is black with some bronzing on her coat. She doesn’t have any white markings. We’ll know her coat type in a couple of weeks.

The “Vibrant” Litter – Echo + Cosmo – DOB May 20, 2022

Although we had planned to pair Echo and Harley for more smooth-face possibilities, Harley was preoccupied with Everleigh, so Cosmo stepped up to help. Their puppies will all be long coats and could be chocolate, black, or sable. Since Cosmo is a blue carrier, their offspring have a 50% chance of being blue carriers as well. Echo weighs 5.5 pounds and Cosmo weighs 4.25 pounds.

Vincent – Black & white long-coat male – one day old

Vincent means prevailing, which seems appropriate for this firstborn boy. This handsome boy weighed 3.8 ounces at birth.

Valor – Dark chocolate long-coat male – one day old

Valor means brave, but it’s also an appropriate name because Valor is a chocolate bar. This gorgeous deep chocolate boy weighed 3.8 ounces at birth.

Vera – Black & white long-coat female – one day old

Vera means faith or truth, but it’s also a nod to the fashion icon. We think Vera is quite fashionable with her striking markings. Vera is the smallest and weighed 2.7 ounces at birth. She has a heart on her back.

Vannah – Milk chocolate long-coat female – one day old

With a nod to our first chocolatey princess, her great-grandma Savannah, Vannah means “God is gracious.” We are grateful for this gorgeous chocolate girl. She is the largest in the litter and weighed 4.0 ounces at birth, though her brother Valor looks longer. She is lighter than Valor.

Upcoming Litters

Chai + Teddy – Due approximately May 26, 2022

Well, we think there’s one puppy in there after all! Chai’s body is showing pregnancy changes but she’s not very big. It was obvious that she was either having a false pregnancy or is actually pregnant. So I used my fetal Doppler and detected a fast puppy heartbeat. This is good news, though sometimes singletons can be a bit problematic if they grow too large to deliver naturally or if they don’t produce enough of a signal to initiate labor. I don’t think this puppy will be too large, but we’ll consult with our vet for appropriate care.

Planned Litters

Our next generation of Mi-Kis we’re growing out who will be ready to breed in 2022 include Cocoa Chanel and Gabriella. We’ll be pairing Gabriella with Cosmo for our first attempt at producing blue Mi-Ki puppies. Francine, who is in our guardian program, will also be considered for breeding this year. See Our Dogs for more information.

Interested in a puppy?

Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out our questionnaire to show that you’re interested in being contacted for future litters. You may also choose to fill out the adoption questionnaire here, so we can get to know you and your needs.

Feel free to look through our Previous Puppies page to get an idea of what our current or future puppies might look like as they mature.

The Adoption Process

Royal T Mi-Kis makes every effort to ensure our puppies are matched with the right family for a lifetime of mutual enjoyment. The first step towards adopting a Mi-Ki is to fill out our adoption questionnaire (see below) which will help us understand what you are looking for in a Mi-Ki.

We’ll exchange emails, chat on the phone, or even set up a Zoom meeting to get to know each other. Next, a $300 non-refundable deposit will place you in the choosing queue.

When the puppies are old enough to determine traits (usually around 4-6 weeks), established breeders will have the first choice followed by pet deposits. We will contact you when it’s your time to select a puppy. If you decide to wait for a future litter, you’ll move up in the choosing queue behind others who may have also passed.

What’s Included?

Your Mi-Ki puppy will have a veterinary examination, first shots, a microchip, dewormings, dewclaw removal, and an airline-approved carrier. We also throw in a bunch of puppy supplies to help your young Mi-Ki get off to a great start!

Our Mi-Ki puppies are started on puppy pad training. Our puppies now have their first month with their new families covered by Trupanion Pet Insurance. Trupanion will pay your provider directly for any extra care needed for their first 30 days.

Puppies will be released to their new homes at around 10 weeks of age or 2 pounds. Small for gestational age or preemie puppies may need to be held for additional time. We can coordinate a puppy nanny to fly a puppy to your nearest airport for $400 plus airfare (to include an in-cabin pet ticket plus the courier’s ticket.) Puppies may also be picked up by their new owners from our home or from Denver International Airport.


We are unable to facilitate puppy adoptions to Hawaii due to the state’s rabies/quarantine regulations. Only available adult Mi-Kis are eligible to be adopted to Hawaii if the short quarantine protocol (5 days) can be met with daily visits to the quarantine holding facility by the adoptive family.

International adoptions are now available to countries that have reopened after previous COVID travel restrictions. Please note that international adoptions may require an additional $200 surcharge for extra paperwork fees, extended boarding, and vaccination requirements. Many international destinations require a rabies vaccination and puppies to be at least 16 weeks of age.

Breeders looking for puppies will have to be approved by the originators of our lines before we can sell a puppy with breeding rights. Established breeders will be given priority over pet owners to ensure that breed-standard/show-quality Mi-Kis stay in the gene pool.

We reserve the right to keep a puppy for our breeding program if circumstances require it. A full refund or replacement puppy will be offered instead.

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white Mi-Ki puppy wearing black shirt
Royal T’s Brilliant Brighton as a puppy in 2017.  She’s now a UKC Champion and has had some beautiful puppies of her own. Her parents are Evie and Moses.