The Mi-Ki Puppy Nursery

We’ve listed our deposit choosing queue below to show current clients where their position is on the list. It also helps new applicants know how long they may have to wait for a puppy. These are refundable deposits, with many clients having multiple deposits with other breeders, so the list can change.

  • Deanna CE – long coat male in the spring
  • Karen G. – Denaya/Moses pairing next year, flexible
  • Carol D. – long coat female
  • Robbie – long coat, flexible, perhaps smaller
  • Nicole S. – smooth-face, preferably a male
  • Jill A. – tiny female, any color but brindle, tweener, or long coat.
  • Catherine C. – female, flexible color/size, smooth-face preferred (open to long.)
  • Paul B. – long coat male, darker, smaller (up to 5 pounds) with therapeutic temperament
  • Lynn S. – long coat male in March with medical alert temperament.
  • Holly R. – long coat male with therapeutic temperament
  • Debbie G – 6 – 7-lb male, any color but silver
  • BP – Larger long coat Mi-Ki, flexible on gender and color
  • AC – long coat solid chocolate or sable, female preferred – 5-7 pounds

Although most of our current puppies are reserved, we have litters due in December. We list the deposit requests so prospective clients understand their chances of getting a puppy. The more specific the request, the longer it may take to produce your dream puppy since we can’t boss Mother Nature around!

If you would like to apply to be on our deposit list, please fill out the adoption questionnaire (linked here and found at the bottom of this page) so we can get to know you and your needs.

Puppies less than two weeks old are not available for selection as it is too early to determine their traits.

CURRENT LITTERS – All reserved

Lucy + Jagger – DOB 10/2/2020 – the Yummy Litter

Royal T’s Lovable Lucy (4.25 pounds) has been paired with Midwest Mini Moves Like Jagger (6 pounds.) They had two girls and one boy. Their puppies are all long coats. Their puppies will carry tan points and half will carry blue (but these traits won’t show in their puppies.) This litter is on hold until they are two weeks old before people with deposits can start choosing them. This litter will be ready for their homes around December 10th.

Izzy (formerly Yelena Marie) – Eight weeks old – parti-colored dark sable long-coat female. Charting at 5 pounds, 3 ounces. Reserved.

Yelena’s new mom is now going to call her “Izzy.” She’s also taking the female we call Izzy and will be calling her Luee. So we’ll try to keep that straight! Izzy is a very sweet girl. We’re kind of happy we get to hold on to her a little while longer while we wait for Luee to be old enough to travel with her big sister. They will be living in Pennsylvania.

Benji (formerly Yardley) – parti-colored brindle long-coat male. Eight weeks old. Charting at 8 pounds. Reserved.

Yardley, now Benji, is a very handsome boy. He has a brindle saddle pattern. He’s the largest in the litter and has a laid-back personality. He sure liked playing in the photo booth with our fall theme! I really love his sweet personality! Benji is now reserved for Kim.

Mysa (formerly Yasmin) – Eight weeks old. Solid brindle female with white feet and chest. Charting at 5 pounds, 15 ounces. Reserved

We love Mysa! We’re really happy that this beautiful girl could potentially be contributing to the Mi-Ki gene pool as we love her looks and temperament. As a carrier of the blue gene, that is an added bonus. Mysa, pronounced MEE-sah, is a Swedish word that has no English translation counterpart. “Mysa” means to cuddle, get cozy, be cozy or snuggle up, but you don’t have to do it with someone, you can do it by yourself—alone at home or even in a cozy café, according to her new mom, Ms. P.

Savannah + Baron – DOB – October 6, 2020 – the Zestful Litter

Our solid chocolate Savannah (6 pounds) has been paired with our parti-sable Baron (5.5 pounds.) They had a chocolate parti sable male and a parti sable female with a mask. This litter will be ready for homes around December 16, 2020.

Savannah with Mikki and Hudson

Mikki (formerly Zoey) – Seven weeks old. Parti-sable long-coat female with a mask. Charting at 4 pounds 6 ounces. Reserved.

Hi, I’m Mikki the Mi-Ki. I was told that my new parents picked out my name before they even heard of the Mi-Ki breed. I have been named after the great skier Mikaela Shiffrin – though I’m not sure what skiing is exactly. I’ll be living in the ski town called Vail. This week I’ve been working on playing in the water bowl (hence my soggy appearance) and torturing my brother. I’ve also been working on my smile — with teeth – and my adorable puppy dog eyes which is sure to earn me treats. I’m actually as sweet as I look. But don’t be fooled by my size. I am tiny but mighty!

Hudson (formerly Zack) – Seven weeks old – Long-coat chocolate parti-sable male. Charting at 6 pounds, 7 ounces. Reserved.

  • Savannah, a chocolate Mi-Ki with her puppies
  • Mi-Ki Puppies for Adoption in Colorado

Hi, I’m Hudson. I’m a chocolate parti-sable, which Ms. Mary says makes me special. I’ve been told I’m a clown who makes everyone smile. I let my little sister pick on me because it doesn’t hurt. I guess being nice to the ladies is a good life skill, according to Mr. Bill. This is a good thing because I’m going to go live with a cute Mi-Ki named Koko. She came and visited me and liked me pretty okay, I guess, because now I have a new name. I think I’m going to like my new human family a lot.

Isabelle + Baron – DOB 10/16/2020

Isabelle is a solid sable and is barely 4 pounds. Baron is a red parti-sable and is 5.5 pounds.

Luee (formerly Izzy) – Six weeks old – long-coat sable female with a mask – charting at 4.25 pounds. Reserved.

Izzy will now be called Luee and will be going to live with Izzy (formerly Yelena Marie.) We’re happy that they will have each other for company. Luee is a sable Mi-Ki with a mask and will likely be a golden blonde with dark tips as an adult like her mother Isabelle.


Eden + Baron – due December 8, 2020

Eden and Baron can produce long coats, smooth-face, and tweener puppies. The can also produce a wide range of colors including sables, chocolates and black and white puppies. Eden weighs 9 pounds and Baron weighs 5.5 pounds. These puppies will be ready for their homes around Valentine’s Day 2021.

Brighton + Sinbad – due December 10, 2020

Brighton and Sinbad can only produce long-coat Mi-Kis. Brighton weighs 6.5 pounds and Sinbad weighs 8 pounds. As far as colors, they can produce cream and white puppies, sables, and black puppies. All of these can be solid or parti-colored. This litter will be ready for homes around Valentine’s Day 2021.

Interested in a puppy?

Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out our questionnaire to show that you’re interested in being contacted for future litters.

Feel free to look through our Previous Puppies page to get an idea of what our current or future puppies might look like as they mature. You may also choose to fill out the adoption questionnaire so we can get to know you and your needs.

The Adoption Process

Royal T Mi-Kis makes every effort to ensure our puppies are matched with the right family for a lifetime of mutual enjoyment. The first step towards adopting a Mi-Ki is to fill out our adoption questionnaire (see below) which will help us understand what you are looking for in a Mi-Ki.

We’ll exchange emails, chat on the phone, or even set up a Zoom meeting to get to know each other. Next, a $500 deposit will hold a puppy for you. Some people opt to put down a deposit before a litter is born to ensure that a puppy will be reserved for them. Further information regarding our puppy deposit policy is available on our adoption questionnaire.

Your Mi-Ki puppy will have a veterinary examination, first shots, a microchip, dewormings, dewclaw removal, and an airline-approved carrier. We also throw in a bunch of puppy supplies to help your young Mi-Ki get off to a great start! Our Mi-Ki puppies are started on puppy pad training as well as outdoor training, weather permitting. Our puppies now have their first month with their new families covered by Trupanion Pet Insurance.

Puppies will be released to their new homes at around 10 weeks of age or 2 pounds. We can coordinate a puppy nanny to fly a puppy to your nearest airport, or puppies may be picked up by their new owners from our home or from Denver International Airport.

We are unable to facilitate adoptions to Hawaii due to the state’s rabies/quarantine regulations. We are suspending international adoptions (outside the United States) until further notice due to travel complications during the pandemic. Some flexibility may be available for Canadians willing to fly to Denver, CO to pick up their puppy.

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white Mi-Ki puppy wearing black shirt

Royal T’s Brilliant Brighton as a puppy in 2017.  She’s now a UKC Champion and has had a couple of beautiful litters.