The Nursery – Available Mi-Ki Puppies

We’ve listed our deposit choosing queue below to show current clients where their position is on the list. It also helps new applicants know how long they may have to wait for a puppy.

As of 4/1/2021, we are complying with the Mi-Ki breeder network to modify our deposit policy as follows: Deposits have been reduced from $500 to $300 but are now non-refundable.

Breeder Deposits

  • Bonnie – Larger Evie female
  • Barbara B. – Larger Truffle female

Breeder deposits may take precedence over pet picks in order to preserve the Mi-Ki gene pool.

Pet Deposits

  • Eileen – Female, cream/white – waiting for a future litter after senior pet passes
  • Amalia O. – waiting for a future litter to allow current puppy to mature first
  • Tim E. – Hoping for Chai puppy
  • Janna N. – Juliette
  • Anne R. – Female, under 5 pounds, up ears
  • Johnny & Hannah – Small female, flexible on color and coat including tweener coats
  • Shana R. – Smaller, darker long-coat, hopefully up ears, either gender
  • Kitty & L.G. – Jacques
  • Lisa & Chuck – smaller puppy playmate for 3.2-lb Mi-Ki
  • Cam – small to medium female, lighter color, therapeutic temperament
  • Heather W. – larger puppy for their bigger Mi-Ki

If you would like to apply to be on our deposit list, please fill out the adoption questionnaire (linked here and found at the bottom of this page) so we can get to know you and your needs.

Available Puppies

The puppies listed below have not yet been selected and are available to reserve by people with deposits now that they are old enough. We will be contacting people on our deposit list this week to see if they are choosing or passing.

If you are a current client who has selected a puppy who has not left our nursery, your puppy’s photos and videos are now available on our Reserved Puppies page. Updates will continue to be posted there.

Chai + Moses – DOB August 14, 2021 – the “Kindred” Litter

Chai has been paired with both Moses and Sinbad, but Moses will probably be the sire because he is a pro when it comes to timing. They had two small females. Chai weighs 4 pounds. Moses weighs 5.5 pounds. Sinbad weighs 8. We don’t know the sire based on color since both males can produce sables and cream puppies. These puppies are long coats and could possibly carry smooth.

These girls will most likely be made available for our deposit list to choose from once they are at least two weeks old and we know they are thriving. We may let the puppies mature up to four weeks (or more) to determine the traits that people are interested in.

Karlie – parti-sable long-coat female, four weeks old – charting at 4.75 pounds – Available for selection for our deposit list

Karlie is a pretty little sable and white long-coat female who is currently charting to be 4.75 pounds. Karlie will likely end up mostly cream and white as an adult. She is slightly more confident than her sister and has passed Krystal on her weight even though she was smaller at birth.

Krystal – cream long-coat female, four weeks old – charting at 4.25 pounds – Available for selection by our deposit list

Krystal is what we call a “clear red” Mi-Ki and will likely develop cream spots as she matures. Her mother Chai is also a clear red. Krystal is now available for selection for our deposit list. Krystal and Karlie will both be very light colored Mi-Kis as adults. Krystal seems more laid back than her sister at this point.

Upcoming Litters

Truffle + Moses – due October 16, 2021

Truffle has been paired with Moses in hopes of producing a female to go back to Truffle’s breeder. The Truffle/Moses pairing produced our precious Isabelle, and we’re hopeful to get more cuties like her. They can produce sables, clear reds (cream/white), and black/white puppies. Their puppies will be long coats.

Everleigh + Baron – due October 18, 2021

Everleigh and Baron can produce smooth-face Mi-Kis and long coats. They can have chocolates, sables, and black puppies.

This will likely be Baron’s last litter for us before he heads into retirement depending on Bitsy’s schedule. He’s already reserved.

Evie + Moses – due October 22, 2021

Evie and Moses produce beautiful puppies that come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

This may be Evie’s last litter for us, depending on if we can get a nice female from her for her breeder and possibly for our guardian program. Moses and Evie can produce cream, buff/apricot, sables, tricolors, and black and tan puppies. They can only produce long-coat puppies.

Interested in a puppy?

Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out our questionnaire to show that you’re interested in being contacted for future litters.

Feel free to look through our Previous Puppies page to get an idea of what our current or future puppies might look like as they mature. You may also choose to fill out the adoption questionnaire so we can get to know you and your needs.

The Adoption Process

Royal T Mi-Kis makes every effort to ensure our puppies are matched with the right family for a lifetime of mutual enjoyment. The first step towards adopting a Mi-Ki is to fill out our adoption questionnaire (see below) which will help us understand what you are looking for in a Mi-Ki.

We’ll exchange emails, chat on the phone, or even set up a Zoom meeting to get to know each other. Next, a $300 non-refundable deposit will place you in the choosing queue.

When the puppies are old enough to determine traits, breeders will have first choice followed by pet deposits. We will contact you when it’s your time to select a puppy. If you decide to wait for a future litter, you’ll move up in the choosing queue behind others who may have also passed.

What’s Included?

Your Mi-Ki puppy will have a veterinary examination, first shots, a microchip, dewormings, dewclaw removal, and an airline-approved carrier. We also throw in a bunch of puppy supplies to help your young Mi-Ki get off to a great start!

Our Mi-Ki puppies are started on puppy pad training. Our puppies now have their first month with their new families covered by Trupanion Pet Insurance.

Puppies will be released to their new homes at around 10 weeks of age or 2 pounds. Small for gestational age or preemie puppies may need to be held for additional time. We can coordinate a puppy nanny to fly a puppy to your nearest airport for $400 plus airfare (to include an in-cabin pet ticket plus the courier’s ticket) or puppies may be picked up by their new owners from our home or from Denver International Airport.


We are unable to facilitate puppy adoptions to Hawaii due to the state’s rabies/quarantine regulations. Only available adult Mi-Kis are eligible to be adopted to Hawaii if the short quarantine protocol (5 days) can be met with daily visits by the adoptive family.

International adoptions are now available to countries that have reopened after previous COVID travel restrictions.

Breeders looking for puppies will have to be approved by the originators of our lines before we can sell a puppy with breeding rights. Established breeders may be given priority over pet owners to ensure the best Mi-Kis stay in the gene pool.

We reserve the right to keep a puppy for our breeding program if circumstances require it. A full refund or replacement puppy will be offered instead.

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white Mi-Ki puppy wearing black shirt
Royal T’s Brilliant Brighton as a puppy in 2017.  She’s now a UKC Champion and has had a couple of beautiful litters. Her parents are Evie and Moses.