How to Groom Mi-Ki Puppies with Minimal Stress

This is a video grooming tutorial for how to groom a long-coat Mi-Ki puppy. This video can help tide you over until your puppy is fully vaccinated before heading to the professional groomer, or you can learn to groom Mi-Ki puppies if you have the time and patience.

I am not a professional groomer (and not a professional videographer, as evidenced by this video!) but I enjoy spending time with each puppy and getting them used to the sounds and sensations associated with grooming. This will make future grooming experiences less stressful whether our clients do their own grooming or take them to a professional.

Products to Groom Mi-Ki Puppies

As mentioned in the video, every Royal T Mi-Ki puppy will be sent home with some of the grooming tools including a Li’l Pals slicker brush and two-sided comb. In this video, we’re using Skout’s Honor Probiotic Shampoo + Conditioner as well as Skout’s Honor Detangling Spray in the Honeysuckle fragrance. We also like Life’s Abundance Pet Shampoo and Grooming Spray.

  • grooming table to groom Mi-Ki puppies and dogs
  • pet detangling spray
  • pet grooming scissor set
  • Kwik Stop Styptic Powder

Some of the other tools we use are the Wahl Mini Arco Clippers, the Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table, and this surprisingly decent quality set of Pet Grooming Scissors that won’t break the bank.

It’s also a great idea to have some Kwik Stop Styptic Powder on hand since everyone, even professional groomers, accidentally nip a toenail too close occasionally. It’s easy to do on a little tiny Mi-Ki puppy!

Grooming your Mi-Ki puppy doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can actually be a bonding experience for you and your pet. Regularly grooming your Mi-Ki will help you keep a close eye on your dog’s health and condition. For instance, you may find a tiny lump on the left side of your young Mi-Ki puppy’s ribcage. This is likely due to their vaccination site and will usually resolve within a couple of weeks. After their rabies vaccine, you may notice the same phenomenon on the right side.

Benefits of grooming your Mi-Ki yourself

Grooming your own Mi-Ki will expose them to fewer pathogens, which is particularly important before they are fully vaccinated. By grooming your own puppy, you will know exactly how their grooming experience went. If your Mi-Ki is getting too stressed, you can always take a break and try again later.

Some Mi-Kis simply do better with a professional groomer because the dog will behave with an experienced grooming artist who is used to dealing with wiggly puppies. We hope this video will give you grooming options to assist you no matter what you choose.

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