We hope to have puppies in mid-August, 2018!

Welcome to Royal T Mi-kis! We’re a Colorado-based breeder of quality Mi-ki puppies. Our home-raised puppies are socialized with kids, larger dogs, cats, and will arrive already using potty pads and ready to fit right in with your family!

Mi-kis are a rare and wonderful breed that are known for their sensitive and adaptable natures. They aren’t yappy, and the long coats have hypoallergenic characteristics.

Mi-kis have been a pure breed since the 1980’s and were recognized in January of 2016 by the United Kennel Club in the Companion Group.

Mi-kis are intelligent sweet-natured small companions known for their calm demeanor, “Gremlin” look, and for being easy to travel with.

These traits make this rare breed an excellent candidate for therapy work, for medical alert service, as well as for living in apartments. The Mi-ki is truly the sweetheart of the toy breeds.

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