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Welcome to Royal T Mi-Kis! We’re a Colorado-based breeder of quality Mi-Ki puppies from health-tested parents. Our home-raised puppies are lovingly socialized and arrive already starting to use potty pads, with their first set of shots, an optional microchip, and the first month of free pet insurance. They are ready to fit right in with your family!

The Mi-Ki is a rare and wonderful breed that is known for its sensitive and adaptable nature. Mi-Kis aren’t yappy, they do not require a lot of exercise, and the long coat variety has hypoallergenic characteristics.

What breeds formed the Mi-Ki?

Like all purebred dogs, Mi-Kis were created from other breeds. They are not “designer dogs” that can be created with a dash of this and that, however. Mi-Kis have to be bred to other DNA-verified Mi-Kis with proven pedigrees to prove they are purebred Mi-Kis with the wonderful traits they are known for.

The Mi-Ki’s foundation breeds include the Shih Tzu, Maltese, Pomeranian, Pekingese, and maybe a dash of Bichon Frise/Cotton de Tulear, Papillon, and Yorkshire Terrier. Prior to the advent of DNA screening, we were told that the Mi-Ki was made up of the Maltese, Papillon, and Japanese Chin, but the Papillon and Japanese Chin breeds haven’t really shown up much in the breed profiles on DNA tests.

Mi-Kis have been a pure breed since the 1980s and were recognized in January of 2016 by the United Kennel Club in the Companion Group.

Mi-Ki Traits

Mi-Kis are intelligent sweet-natured small companions known for their intuitive calm demeanor, expressive ears, a “Gremlin” or “Ewok” look, and for being easy to travel with and a portable size from about 4-9 pounds.

These traits make this rare breed an excellent candidate for therapy work, medical alert service, as well as for living in apartments. The Mi-Ki is truly the sweetheart of the toy breeds.

Mi-Kis come in two coat types – the more common hypoallergenic long-coat style, and the smooth-face variety. The smooth-face Mi-Ki has a demi-long coat that does shed. We mostly breed long-coat Mi-Kis and occasionally have the smooth-face variety. Less than 25% of all AMRA-registered Mi-Kis are smooth-face. The International Mi-Ki Registry Association does not recognize the smooth-face Mi-Ki.

Regardless of what Mi-Ki you choose, you will agree that this is a fantastic breed and will likely want more than one! We have many repeat clients.

Please enjoy our site to learn more about the amazing Mi-Ki dog breed.

See the Animal Planet Mi-Ki Dogs 101 video for fun information about Mi-Kis!

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Hi Mary, I have had my little Mi-Ki for 3 weeks now & I am quite smitten with him. I feel so blessed I found you, for you are by far a better breeder than most. You really do it right. I am so grateful you played with him and touched his feet often. Most people might not notice how important this little step is but I certainly do. There’s no fighting at all when I trim his nails so that part of the training I can skip. Thanks to you & all the attention you give to your puppies. I couldn’t be happier. I know you’re waiting to hear his name. After going thru several names, I finally decided on Sparky. He gets his 2nd shot tomorrow. Thanks, Mary & take care. Sincerely, Carolyn B.

Carolyn B.

Hello Mary, just wanted to touch base to update you on Hudson and to thank you for providing us with the most SOCIAL little buddy ever! 
Hudson absolutely loves people,  but more so children it is absolutely heartwarming to watch him with them. 

The grandchildren came to Lake Havasu over Christmas and needless to say, I was worried about little Hudson being around a 6, 4 and 2-year-old (especially our 2 yr old grandson). Turns out they fell in love the second they met. It was like they were glued together. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that our grandson has severe asthma and maybe Hudson sensed it. What was even more shocking was how Hudson reacted when *** left… he went under the bed and refused to come out, we would lay on the floor and talk to him and you could actually see the tears in his eyes

Hudson the Mi-ki carefully watches over a sick child.
Hudson comforting Abby’s grandson. Image and names obscured for youth privacy concerns.

He would come out briefly when we would get **** on FaceTime to talk to him but this continued for 5 days! He finally came around… Whew!
We are leaving Lake Havasu for Saskatoon on Sunday so another adventure for him. He has adjusted to our life here so well. Hudson loves the 5-mile hikes each morning! He runs to get his bag and my shoes lol (we get funny comments like… “that’s a funny way to walk your dog”)

Hudson the Mi-ki loves riding in his dune buggy!

He also loves to go out in the desert in the RZR … He prefers not to wear his goggles or his mask  🙁

He’s the life of the party wherever we go!  
We bring his carry bad with on the rides as they usually have a restaurant destination. We put him in the bag to go inside and set him under our chair and people are amazed that nobody knows he’s there as he doesn’t make a peep! 
I am constantly explaining Mi-Ki to everyone who meets him. 

Thank you for the breeding these amazing friends!

From Abby, Hudson’s mom

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