Precious Memories – Our Retired Mi-Kis

Welcome to some of our fond memories of our retired Mi-Kis and some of their puppies. These dogs are now enjoying their retirement homes after making wonderful contributions to the Mi-Ki gene pool. Though they may be living elsewhere, they are always in our hearts!

Brumby’s Run Evie

Brumby’s Run Evie has been the foundation of our program and provided many happy families with puppies. Additionally, Her legacy lives on through Brighton, Lucy, Kaiya, Joyce and Jovie. Her daughter Natalie is also living at Brumby’s Run Mi-Kis. Granddaughters Bitsy and Cara Mia also carry on her wonderful traits. She is now being spoiled in Michigan.

Jubilee’s Southern Charm “Savannah,” our Mascot, and forever companion

Even though Evie came to us first, Savannah was the first Mi-Ki we picked out. She is our mascot. We selected her from Jubilee Mi-Kis based on the fact that I wanted a Mi-Ki line with an aptitude for medical alert/service work as I was suffering from epilepsy at the time. Savannah’s grandmother Halle serves as a diabetic blood sugar detection dog. Although my seizures were eventually controlled with diet and essential oils, Savannah can be credited for our start into purpose-bred breeding to help others looking for small, quiet, hypoallergenic support animals. Many of her offspring have gone on to be medical alert dogs and do other types of support work.

Savannah spent several years doing professional modeling and still loves to have her photo taken! We’re thrilled to have several of her offspring in our program including Everleigh (now retired as well) Eden, and Yohanna. Her chocolate son Remington has made lasting contributions to Midwest Mini Mi-Kis. Her grandchildren include her look-alike Umber, Quigley, our precious Minnie, and Tootsie. Savannah will be staying with us.

Royal T’s Happy “Everleigh” After, retired

Everleigh produced beautiful puppies for both Jubilee Mi-Kis and us! Her legacy continues through her daughters Tootsie, Echo, Umber, and Minnie. Her son Mushu is a stud for TLC Mi-Kis. She will be enjoying retirement in Texas with another Royal T Mi-Ki. Savannah and Sinbad are her parents, and Eden is her littermate.

UKC CH Jubilee’s Champagne “Truffle,” Retired

Truffle has been such an important part of our family that we were only able to retire her to a local home that will let us babysit and have visiting rights. Her legacy continues through her daughters Isabelle, Cocoa Chanel, and granddaughter Francine. She also has descendants over in the UK through Delby.

Royal T’s Dazzling Denaya

Denaya was retired semi early after having difficulties with her litters. She still produced some lovely puppies and was prominently featured on many of our puppy videos because she became everyone’s mom. Eventually, she found her way to be someone’s special princess in Colorado Springs.

Brumby’s Run Baron von Royal T “Rio” – Retired

Brumby’s Run Baron von Royal T made significant contributions to the Mi-Ki gene pool including siring Truffle’s Delby in the UK. Many of his offspring still contribute to our program (Cocoa Chanel, Echo, Quigley, and is the grandsire of Francine.) Baron is now being spoiled in Idaho and has been renamed Rio.

Midwest Mini Moves Like “Jagger” – retired

Jagger is a sweet boy that we love, but he developed bladder stones so had to be retired. We were able to keep a little piece of him in our program through his daughter Gabriella with Lucy and were able to get his blue color to come through with Zelda. He’s now living his best life in Florida.

Brumby’s Run Rayne – retired

Brumby’s Run Rightas “Rayne” had that face I just couldn’t get enough of! She was a beautiful black girl with tan points that were brindled. Like Savannah, Rayne also enjoyed doing professional modeling. She is enjoying life in California.

Belle Amie’s Sinbad – retired

Belle Amie’s Sinbad has made significant contributions to our program. He sired several litters and gave his puppies that silky black coat that stays black. He has gorgeous, big round eyes that can be seen in several of our past and current dogs that will carry on his genes. Sinbad sired Eden, Everleigh, Denaya, Bitsy, and Cara Mia. He will be enjoying his retirement with one of our long-time clients in Washington.