Mi-Ki Training

Do you have concerns about Mi-Ki training? Royal T Mi-Kis is proud to be in partnership with BAXTER & Bella, The Online Puppy School. Not only are BAXTER & Bella going to be training us how to prepare your Mi-Ki puppy to be ready to learn before becoming part of your family, but you can start taking online classes now and continue your puppy’s education as soon as they arrive!

Learn about Mi-Ki training from BAXTER & Bella online puppy school.

We know that adopting a new family member is exciting but it can also be a little intimidating when it comes to training. Even if you’ve had dogs before, it’s great to have a refresher course and the BAXTER & Bella Online Puppy School makes it easier than ever.

No longer do you need to worry about exposing your puppy to germs before they’re fully vaccinated because you’ll be training them in your own environment. With tiny Mi-Kis, there are also concerns with going to puppy kindergarten with much larger, unruly classmates that could scare or injure your pup.

If you’re worried about socialization, BAXTER & Bella have all sorts of recommended activities and printables for you to try with your puppy that are age-appropriate and safe. Just be sure that your puppy is fully vaccinated before taking them to public areas where other dogs frequent.

Here is a sample of the BAXTER & Bella training that talks about The Big 3 issues people want to address with new puppies. We love their positive approach to training and Mi-Kis are highly trainable!

Is online Mi-Ki training expensive?

If you’re buying a Mi-Ki, you’re not cutting corners. You’re bringing home a purpose-bred companion and want to give them the best education possible. With BAXTER & Bella, you get a lifetime membership with ongoing support with live trainers and nearly limitless professional resources.

It’s not unusual for our clients to spend thousands on training (and Mi-Kis are easily trained) just because they want the very best for their puppy. While we applaud these efforts, we want to empower you to do your own training and it’s much less than you might think!

For a lifetime membership with BAXTER & Bella Online Puppy School, it’s only $238! But thanks to being partners with Royal T Mi-Kis, we have a special coupon code that gets you a 25% off DISCOUNT – that’s a $59.50 savings for a total of just $178.50! That coupon code is:


The great thing is that you can use the “RTMiKis” coupon code even if you don’t buy a puppy from us! (Feel free to look in our Nursery anyway!) We care more about puppies having their best life with their families no matter where they came from – a rescue, a different breeder, or from us. We know that dogs are surrendered to shelters most often for behavioral reasons. This is a solution to “the puppy problem” to help pets stay in their “furever” homes with positive training methods and realistic expectations.

What’s included?

The BAXTER & Bella Lifetime Unlimited Membership never expires and includes unlimited access to everything they offer!

Just imagine 100+ lessons, hundreds of videos, socialization ideas & best practices, training games & activities, printable charts & checklists, tips & tricks and so much more… providing you with the proven methods, materials, and resources to successfully raise your puppy like a professional!

What’s more, membership also includes unlimited one-on-one help with their team of professionals, as well as admission into all of their ongoing Events, Classes & Courses too – they basically hold your hand each and every step of the way as you successfully integrate your dog into your life, family and home!

Please note that we do receive a small commission for our referral, so remember to use the code “RTMiKis” at checkout for your 25% discount. The coupon code is not case-sensitive.

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