Available Retiring Adult Mi-Kis (and older puppies)

Occasionally, we have retiring adult Mi-Kis available to the right home. It’s always a difficult decision to place our treasured companions into other families when they’ve been such a huge part of ours. We try to balance the needs of the Mi-Ki gene pool, our family, and the needs of the dogs. This means not over-breeding our Mi-Kis, not collecting too many, and allowing them to retire to a pampered life in a loving family where they aren’t competing with several other dogs for attention.

Mi-Kis usually live from 12-15 years of age. Adopting one of our adults is less of a commitment for retirees who are looking for companionship or families hoping to skip potty training and the teething stage.

As family dogs, our adults are not accustomed to being in crates. They are fond of sleeping with humans, playing in the yard, regular walks, and being part of our lives. In short, our adult Mi-Kis are ready-made pets that will thrive with a bit of fine-tuning in their training that they’ll be able to receive with more individualized care.

We currently do not have any available adult Mi-Kis.

Older Available Mi-Ki Puppies

Jett – 8 months old – 6 pounds – Pending

Jett went to a breeder but never dropped his second testicle. This is breaking our hearts because his temperament is ideal and he is a wonderful representative of the breed. Jett will be scheduled for his neuter and baby teeth removal surgery soon. He is up to date on all of his vaccinations. He is potty trained, has a therapeutic temperament, and has had experience being around a wheelchair-bound person. He has also done well as an emotional support buddy. Jett is the littermate of Jovie and Joyce. He is a long-coat tricolor who has retained his rich color. He will be given a shorter pet haircut for ease. We’re still waiting to see what his surgery costs will be before determining his price, but it will likely be in the $2,400 range. Much like his sister Jovie, Jett is very springy and can jump over any doggie gate or pen. He is a free-range Mi-Ki! Jett is currently located in Michigan. Jett weighs 6 pounds. He is currently being considered by one of the folks on our deposit list. We’re waiting to make sure he does well with his surgeries.