Retiring Adult Mi-Kis

Occasionally, we have adults available to the right home. It’s always a difficult decision to place our treasured companions into other families when they’ve been such a huge part of ours. We try to balance the needs of the Mi-Ki gene pool, our family, and the needs of the dogs. This means not over breeding our Mi-Kis, not collecting too many, and allowing them to retire at a young age to a pampered life in a loving family where they aren’t competing with several other dogs for attention.

Mi-Kis usually live from 12-15 years of age. Adopting one of our adults is less of a commitment for older folks who are looking for companionship or families hoping to skip potty training and the teething stage.

As family dogs, our adults are not accustomed to being in crates. They are fond of sleeping with humans, playing in the yard, regular walks, and being part of our lives. In short, our adult Mi-Kis are ready-made pets that will thrive with a bit of fine tuning in their training that they’ll be able to receive under more individualized care.

Coming Soon

We currently do not have any available Adult Mi-Kis, however, several are heading into the sunset of their breeding lives and may be available in the next year or so. These adoption candidates may include Denaya, Evie, and Baron. Please see Our Mi-Ki Dogs page to learn more about them.


Although Denaya is only 3 years old and is an excellent mother, she has had complications with her pregnancies and doesn’t enjoy the attention of our male suitors.

Additionally, Denaya has a funny skip in her step when she’s on walks. We’ve verified with our vet that there isn’t an underlying physical ailment causing the skip (i.e., patella issues) but since we are trying to produce show-quality dogs, we’d prefer a smooth gait in our breeding dogs.

Due to these reasons, we are tentatively planning to retire Denaya after her March litter. She will likely be available for adoption in the spring/summer of 2021 after she is spayed. She is being considered by one of our current deposits.

Denaya is 8 pounds. She is highly athletic, playful, and very affectionate and devoted. She’s great in the car. She has a few funny quirks, and is a bit of a clown, so you’ll never be bored when Denaya is around!


Evie is turning 6 in August, which is generally the age Mi-Ki females are retired. We will make the decision as to when she should be retired litter by litter as she absolutely loves being a mother and she produces some of our nicest puppies.

Evie is a homebody but she loves going for walks. She gets carsick, so she is not a good candidate for traveling. She’s 9 pounds and is in great health. She recently had a dental cleaning.

Evie would be perfect for a senior needing a quiet, gentle companion.


Baron is only turning 3 in February, but we plan to retire him after we are able to find or produce a replacement with similar qualities. His bite is less than ideal, he’s had two puppies with extra eyelashes, and we would prefer a dog that is not a Tweener to be in our program.

The great thing about Baron is his loving, devoted temperament. He is everything a Mi-Ki should be personality wise. He’s good in the car and loves going on walks. Baron weighs 5.5 pounds.

Baron’s coat is very easy to care for and isn’t prone to matting. He does shed slightly but even my most allergic family members have not reacted to him.

Unless we find an older male who carries chocolate, clear red, and smooth, it will likely take us a year to produce, mature, and health test his replacement. Therefore, Baron won’t likely be available until 2022. But he is so special, he is worth waiting for!