Available Retiring Adult Mi-Kis

Occasionally, we have retiring adult Mi-Kis available to the right home. It’s always a difficult decision to place our treasured companions into other families when they’ve been such a huge part of ours. We try to balance the needs of the Mi-Ki gene pool, our family, and the needs of the dogs. This means not over-breeding our Mi-Kis, not collecting too many, and allowing them to retire to a pampered life in a loving family where they aren’t competing with several other dogs for attention.

Mi-Kis usually live from 12-15 years of age. Adopting one of our adults is less of a commitment for retirees who are looking for companionship or families hoping to skip potty training and the teething stage.

As family dogs, our adults are not accustomed to being in crates. They are fond of sleeping with humans, playing in the yard, regular walks, and being part of our lives. In short, our adult Mi-Kis are ready-made pets that will thrive with a bit of fine-tuning in their training that they’ll be able to receive with more individualized care.

Everleigh – possibly available next spring

Everleigh will likely be retired after her litter which is due in December. She will be turning 5 years old in January 2023. She is both piddle pad trained and trained to the outdoors. She is playful and has an easy-care coat. She will do well with active retirees or a family with kids. She weighs 7.5 pounds. She enjoys walks and car rides.

Everleigh won’t be ready for her new home until spring 2023 after she’s recovered from being spayed.


Mosey is our oldest Mi-Ki. He has made some pretty, pretty pups for us. He still is active and enjoys walks and car rides, but he would love to be someone’s pampered pet where he can cuddle with someone all day. He’s lost a few teeth and sustained an eye injury thanks to sparring with Sinbad. His eye drops have kept his resulting cataract from getting worse. Moses is 8.5 years old but has been in good health other than some luxating patellas that don’t seem to bother him. We expect him to be a perfect dog for a retiree who doesn’t want a long commitment to a puppy but would love some company for several more years. Moses wears a belly band in the house and is accustomed to using potty pads for #2’s, and also goes outdoors. He has not yet been neutered but we can make an appointment for him if someone is interested. Otherwise, we’re happy to keep him here to sire an occasional litter and keep the young males in check.


Sinbad is the sweetest, most adoring dog who will enjoy being someone’s pet. He gets along with other dogs and is content just sleeping near his significant human. He’s not the smartest Mi-Ki, for sure, but he’s smart enough to know which side his bread is buttered on. He has enjoyed good health but did sustain a head injury that we weren’t sure he would recover from. He has made a remarkable recovery, but we don’t know if it will have implications for his future health. He still has some vision problems in some lighting situations and a slightly weird gait – stairs can be a little tricky, though he can still use them. Sinbad prefers to have his nails Dremmeled rather than cut. Sinbad needs a professional veterinary dental cleaning as he was not cooperative at his anesthesia-free appointment. He still needs to be neutered. Like Moses, Sinbad wears a belly band in the house and is accustomed to using potty pads for #2’s. He also enjoys going outside. Sinbad is a compact 8 pounds and will be 7 in November of 2022.

Evie – possibly available next spring

Evie is very special to us as the foundation of our kennel. We honestly wouldn’t mind keeping her forever but know she would enjoy being someone’s special princess. Evie gets carsick quickly so she is not a candidate for traveling. She does love walks and chewies. She’s got a beautiful coat. She has not yet been spayed. Evie is 7 as of August. She gets along with other dogs but would be content being a companion to a human. She is ten pounds. She hid the fact that she is in heat again and presented herself to Moses, so apparently, she has other ideas about being retired, at least for the moment. We will see if the breeding takes. If so, she would be due on Christmas.