Our Dogs

Our Mi-Kis are our beloved pets. They sleep with us, eat better than we do, and get lots of pampering. They have also done lots of professional modeling at BaxterBoo.com.

Our parents are OFA health tested for eyes, heart, patellas, and with the Optimal Selection Wisdom Panel and/or Embark DNA screening for health and traits.

Our dogs are registered with the American Mi-Ki Registry Association and most are also registered with the United Kennel Club.

Our Mi-Ki Dams

Savannah – Solid Chocolate Long Coat Mi-Ki Female

Jubilee’s Southern Charm Royal T is a rare chocolate color and is a long-coat Mi-Ki and professional model. Her photos can be found all over BaxterBoo.com and her images have been stolen and posted by vendors all over the Internet! Annoying, but flattering. Savannah weighs 7 pounds. Savannah’s daughters Eden and Everleigh are also contributors to our program. Savannah is likely to have just one or two more litters before retirement. She will be staying with us forever.

Evie – Parti Sable Long Coat Mi-Ki Female

Brumby’s Run Evie One Loves Royal T is a beautiful red sable parti long-coat Mi-Ki. She is a very sweet, mellow girl who has charmed everyone she meets. She has a gorgeous topline and beautiful movement. Although Evie has done some professional modeling, her real joy is being a mother. She has produced exceptional puppies with a variety of colors and markings that have matured between 3.5 and 10 pounds. Brighton, Lucy, and Kaiya are continuing her legacy in our program as Evie heads towards retirement. We hope to keep one more female from her for our Guardian Program before she retires.

We have not yet decided if we can part with her after she retires from breeding. If she is rehomed, it would need to be a local family as we would like to stay in touch. She does not care for riding in the car or traveling.

Brighton – Cream/White Long Coat Mi-Ki Female

Royal T’s Brilliant Brighton is our firstborn Royal T Mi-Ki and has is having success in the show ring and as a professional model. Brighton is out of Evie and Moses. She weighs 7.5 pounds. She has passed her DNA screenings, heart, patella, and eye health clearances. Brighton was our first UKC champion!

Truffle – Solid Chocolate Long Coat Mi-Ki Female

Jubilee’s Champagne Truffle is a dainty white chocolate mocha delight! She started as a dark chocolate puppy but she has the greying gene and has turned into this gorgeous shabby chic taupe. This pretty girl has matured to nearly 5 pounds and has beautiful conformation. In fact, she earned her UKC championship on July 22, 2018! She had perfect health clearances with a DNA health screen with Embark as well as perfect heart, patella, and eye screenings. 

Truffle has produced some exceptional puppies including Isabelle and Cocoa Chanel, who we’ve kept in our program. Her son Delby out of Baron went to the UK to contribute to breeding programs across the pond.

Eden – Black and White Long Coat Mi-Ki Female (carries the Smooth-Face gene)

Royal T’s Endearing Eden is Savannah and Sinbad’s daughter. She carries chocolate and smooth. She has her dad’s glorious non-tangling coat. She has passed all of her health screenings. She is an exceptional mother. She weighs 10 pounds. She was recently paired with both Cowboy and Moses and is due in February, 2022.

Everleigh – Solid Black Long Coat Mi-Ki Female (carries the Smooth-Face gene)

Royal T’s Happy Everleigh After was born here in the same litter as Eden. She went to live at Jubilee Mi-Kis in NC for a couple of years where she contributed two beautiful daughters to Barbara Briggs’ program. We decided to bring her back to have more opportunities for chocolates, cream/whites, and smooth-face Mi-Ki puppies. Everleigh has beautiful eyes, a gorgeous silky, coat, and a sweet personality! We plan to pair her with Harley in 2022 for possible smooth-face, chocolates, and cream offspring. Everleigh weighs 7.0 pounds.

Chai – Cream/White Long Coat Mi-Ki Female

My Little Cup o’ Chai Royal T is a pretty little 4-pound clear red (cream and white) from a rare Mi-Ki line we’re helping to maintain. Despite her small size, she has had an easy time birthing her litters and is a great little mamma! She had perfect OFA screenings and an Embark DNA test.

Lucy – Black and Tan Long Coat Mi-Ki Female

Lucy is a beautiful black tricolor Mi-Ki girl with beautiful conformation. She is out of Evie and Moses. She weighs 5 pounds and has been a success as a mother of some beautiful puppies. She’s passed her CHIC ophthalmic exam OFA cardiac and patella tests as well as had an Embark DNA screening. Lucy is the mother of our upcoming breeding hopeful Gabriella.

Isabelle – Solid Sable Long Coat Mi-Ki Female

Royal T’s Irresistible Isabelle is a tiny Mi-Ki girl (barely 4 pounds) who carries chocolate from her mother Truffle and clear red from her father Moses. She’s done well in the show ring. She’s passed her CHIC ophthalmic screenings, had her Embark DNA health screening, and all her OFA screenings. Despite her size, she’s had two successful pregnancies. We plan to breed her to either Harley or our new stud Cosmo in 2022. Her daughter Francine is in our Guardian program.

Bitsy – Solid sable long-coat Mi-Ki Female (Carries the smooth-face gene)

Royal T’s Beloved Bitsy is out of Brighton and Sinbad. Bitsy is sturdy, active, and athletic and will help provide more Mi-Ki lines that are suitable for active families. Bitsy carries clear red, tan points, and smooth. We can pair her with Cosmo or Harley. Bitsy weighs nearly 8 pounds.

Royal T’s Echo of Savannah (Carries the smooth-face gene)

Our Mi-Ki Sires

Echo is our long-hoped-for dark chocolate girl who is an “echo” of her grandmother Savannah, our mascot. Echo is out of Everleigh and Baron. She has a big, sweet personality.

Moses – Solid Sable Long Coat Mi-Ki Male (carries the Smooth-Face gene)

Tesoro Mio Moshe is a solid sable long-coat male Mi-Ki (who carries smooth) that has lightened to a beautiful gold color with red undertones. Moses has recently started showing with the UKC and surprised us with a Group One win, beating out his daughter Isabelle and all the other competitors in the Companion Group. Moses and Evie have produced some beautiful puppies in a wide variety of colors, including Brighton, Lucy, and Kaiya. Moses is also the sire of our crowd favorite Isabelle. Moses weighs 5.5 pounds.

Sinbad – Solid Black Long Coat Mi-Ki Male with White Chest (carries the Smooth-Face gene)

Belle Amie’s Sinbad is a handsome black Mi-Ki boy with the most luxurious and tangle-free coat we’ve ever seen. He’s out of the famed multi-champion “Henry” lines whose coat stays black. He has a delightful, playful personality with great structure and a cheerful gait. We’ve kept three of his daughters to be part of our pack. Despite being black, he can also produce cream and white puppies. Sinbad is very compact and weighs 7.5 pounds.

Royal T’s Harley Ryder (Carries the smooth-face gene)

  • Harley UKC champion certificate

Harley is the first male we’ve been able to keep for our program. He is a red brindle who carries clear red (cream/apricot/white) as well as chocolate and tan points. We outcross chocolate carriers to full chocolates for genetic health and diversity. He is a long coat but carries the smooth-face gene. We’re looking forward to this little guy (4.5 pounds) being a major contributor to our program. Harley is already a UKC champion.

Estrellita’s Count Cosmo of Royal T

Cosmo is our newest stud from Estrellita Mi-Kis by Rebecca Thomason in Texas out of Bella and Rico. He’s a clear red boy who carries chocolate, blue, and two big K’s (which means that chocolate and blue offspring will be dark chocolate and slate blue.) Cosmo has a gorgeous, thick coat that isn’t prone to matting. He is a long-coat Mi-Ki and does not carry smooth.

Future Breeding Hopefuls

Royal T’s Cocoa Chanel Couture

Cocoa Chanel is Truffle and Baron’s daughter and is a sable chocolate female who can also produce cream and white puppies. She will be paired with Harley or Cosmo when she is mature and passes all of her health tests. Chanel can only produce long-coat Mi-Kis. She weighs 4 pounds.

Royal T’s Gallant Gabriella

  • Gabriella's Pedigree

Gabriella is our blue carrier we’ve kept in hopes of producing blue Mi-Kis in the future. She is out of Lucy and Jagger (retired.) She carries big K and tan points in addition to dilute (blue.) She does not carry the smooth-face gene. She will be paired with Cosmo, our blue carrier. We think she’ll mature to be around 4.5 pounds.

Brumby’s Run Bernadette Royal T

Bernadette is our first smooth-face addition to our program. She has a shiny black coat, white paws, big, beautiful eyes, and a nice short, broad muzzle. She’s going to be a good-sized girl and should be a wonderful contributor to the Mi-Ki gene pool starting in 2023. She carries blue. We look forward to getting her Embark DNA test results back to see what other traits she may have.

Brumby’s Run Li’l Louis Royal T

Li’l Louis is a red sable parti long-coat Mi-Ki.

Louie is a handsome parti red sable long coat who reminds us of our gorgeous Isabelle in looks and mannerisms. We’ve sent in his Embark test and look forward to learning about his traits and health.

Partnership Stud Dogs

To promote genetic diversity but also limit the number of dogs we keep in our home, we’ve enlisted the help of friends and clients to keep quality males intact to use for stud service. With approval, these males may be available for outside stud service. You can learn more about being a Mi-Ki Stud Partner on our Guardian Home Program page.

Royal T’s Quigley

Royal T’s Teddy

  • Chocolate parti Mi-Ki Teddy

Teddy is living in Colorado Springs and is Cocoa Chanel’s brother. He is only 3.0 pounds. He’s a long-coat chocolate parti Mi-Ki.

Our Guardian Home Girls

Our new Guardian Home Program has launched with female future breeding hopefuls being raised with trusted friends, families, and carefully-screened clients’ homes. When these girls are ready to have puppies, they will stay at our home from whelp to weaning. After being retired from breeding, they will stay in their Guardian homes as treasured family members.

Royal T’s Francine

  • Francine, one of our guardian home dogs
  • Francine's pedigree registration

Francine (formerly Flair) is out of Dexter and Isabelle. Fran is a beautiful red sable girl who carries tan points, chocolate, blue, and smooth. She could be paired with either Cosmo or Harley. We believe she will be around 4 pounds at maturity.

Royal T’s Kaiya

Kaiya is a beautiful cream and white long-coat girl who will likely be about 7.0 pounds at maturity. Kaiya’s parents are Evie and Moses. She is a clear red who carries tan points. She will be paired with her housemate Quigley or possibly Harley once she’s mature and passes her health screening tests.

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