Our Dogs

Our Mi-kis are our beloved pets. They sleep with us, eat better than we do, and get lots of pampering. They also come to work with their human mom to do professional modeling.

Our parents are OFA health tested for eyes, heart, patellas, and with the Optimal Selection Wisdom Panel and/or Embark DNA screening for health and traits.

Our dogs are registered with the American Mi-ki Registry Association as well as the United Kennel Club. Click here to view our previous puppies!

Meet the Parents – the Dams


Jubilee’s Southern Charm Royal T is a rare chocolate color and is a long-coat Mi-ki and professional model. Her photos can be found all over BaxterBoo.com and her images have been stolen and posted by vendors all over the Internet! Annoying, but flattering. 

Savannah and Baron are proud parents to two boys born 3/4/2019, one of which looks just like Savannah!

Savannah, Chocolate long-coat Mi-ki Royal T Mi-kis


Brumby’s Run Rightas Rayne Royal T is a black brindle Mi-ki with a black and tan saddle pattern. She has the most charming face and a sweet, mellow personality. Despite being genetically brindle, She has stayed very black, which is unusual for long-coat Mi-kis. Like Savannah, Rayne is also a professional dog model.

Rayne and Moses have one darling boy who was born on 3/8/2019!

Black Mi-ki Puppy


Brumby’s Run Evie One Loves Royal T is a beautiful red sable parti long-coat Mi-ki. She is a very sweet, mellow girl who has charmed everyone she meets. Although Evie has done some professional modeling, her real joy is being a mother. She has produced exceptional puppies with a variety of markings that have matured between 4 and 6 pounds.

Evie and Moses had four girls and one boy on March 7, 2019!tan adult Mi-Ki dog wearing a dress


Brilliant Brighton is our firstborn Royal T Mi-ki and has is having success in the show ring and as a professional model. We are looking forward to great things from her as a breeding hopeful. She has passed her DNA screenings, heart, patella, and eye health clearances. She just became a new UKC champion on July 20, 2018!



Jubilee’s Champagne Truffle is a dainty white chocolate mocha delight! This pretty girl is just 4 pounds 5 ounces and has beautiful conformation. In fact, she just earned her UKC championship on July 22, 2018! She had perfect health clearances with a DNA health screen with Embark as well as perfect heart, patella, and eye screenings. 


Truffle is tiny but mighty. She is expecting a litter the first week of April 2019. Her puppies are already spoken for.


Royal T’s Endearing Eden is Savannah and Sinbad’s daughter. She carries chocolate and smooth. She has her dad’s glorious non-tangling coat. She just passed all of her health screenings. Eden is our only female that can produce smoothies, so we look forward to her future litters. 

The Sires


Tesoro Mio Moshe is a solid sable long-coat male (who carries smooth) that has lightened to a beautiful cream color with red undertones. Mozie and Evie have produced some beautiful puppies in a wide variety of colors, including the cream and white Brighton who we kept to show and be part of our pack.


Belle Amie’s Sinbad is a handsome boy with the most luxurious and tangle-free coat we’ve ever seen. He has a delightful, playful personality with great structure and a cheerful gait. Sinbad is working towards his UKC championship. We’re excited about his contribution to our upcoming litters.


Sinbad is now a member of our pack. He is handsome and fun!


Baron carries chocolate and smooth!

Brumby’s Run Baron von Royal T is our newest addition. This beautiful red and white sable boy carries chocolate. He has successfully been paired with our chocolate girls. They produced two male puppies! 

Here’s a little video that shows all of our dogs including future breeding hopefuls.

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