Previous Puppies

At Royal T Mi-kis, we are honored to be caretakers of people’s future lifetime companions. We get to hold and love these puppies for just a short season, but they live on in our hearts and get to be cherished family members in their new homes.

Here you may see the quality Mi-ki puppies we’ve raised in the last few years so you can get an idea of what your future Royal T Mi-ki might be like. We’ll also post updates as we are given them so you see how they’ve matured and transitioned to their new homes.

Alexis and Autumn

These girls were placed together in a fantastic home in Washington State. There they will enjoy playing on the beach together and get to be with their new Mom all day long since she works at home!

Watch Alexis Grow!

Watch Autumn Grow!

Here are the sisters enjoying their new home together in Washington!


Ashley ended up being an up-eared puppy that is just too cute for words! She went to live with a lovely family in South Carolina.

Watch Ashley Grow!

Abigail  (Now Mia)

Abby was our tiniest princess and will only mature to be around 4 pounds. She went to live with Holly and two dachshund siblings in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Watch Abby Grow!

 Congratulations, Holly! You’ve got a real sweetheart in Abby!


Andrew and Danica

Andrew was our special boy from Evie’s A+ litter. He was a surprise because we were only expecting four puppies, and he also got his own birthday since he was born after midnight. He was the only boy, so we spoiled him a little extra!

Watch Andrew Grow!

Now Andrew is getting spoiled in Arizona where he lives with his Mi-ki sister Molly and parents Tom and Joyce. They have now added Danica to their pack!

Watch Danica Grow!


Brighton is a beautiful cream and white female who we kept as a breeding prospect. She has passed all of her health clearances. Brighton achieved her UKC championship on July 20, 2018. Brighton placed 8th nationally for all Mi-kis shown in the UKC in 2018. We expect to breed her in June of 2019 for her first litter to hopefully arrive in August.

Baxter (now the Amazing Mega)

Baxter is living the good life with Tiffany in sunny Los Angeles.

Bentley (now Oliver)

This tiny cutie is living in Colorado.

Blaze (Now Morty) & Dakota (Now Matilda “Tilly”)

Blaze is living in Colorado with a lovely young couple. Nearly a year later, they also adopted Dakota to be his new little sister!



We are considering Denaya as a future breeding hopeful. She is a beautiful girl with amazing conformation. We look forward to her going in the show ring with her beautiful gait, topline, and tail set!

Catherine (Now Ysabella “Bella”)

Catherine went to go live with Catherine in Colorado! This lovely girl reminds us so much of our precious Evie. We know they are going to have a beautiful life together!

Mini Cooper

Cooper is very special to us since he was named after our yellow lab who passed over the rainbow bridge in October of 2017. His sweetness filled our hearts and is now going to the hearts of his new family who also recently lost a treasured pet. He will be missed but will have a great new life in Ohio. His family is moving to Colorado soon, so we hope to see him again!


Caleb is moving to Lone Tree Colorado where he will be a little king with two cats as his subjects. We’ll see how well that works! Congratulations, Donna, on your new handsome boy!


Cassidy is going to live in Texas with two other Mi-kis and a hairless terrier! This pretty sable girl is going to stay small. She did some extra modeling at work since we were able to keep her a bit longer to get her to a traveling weight.

Chanel, now Daisy

We love this little tricolor girl, and though we planned to keep her, we knew her brother Oliver from a previous litter would love to have her in the family and she will be treated like the princess she is. They’re living in Colorado.


We are pleased that our treasured Savannah’s firstborn Everleigh is going to live at Jubilee Mi-kis where she will be shown and contribute to their fine chocolate program. This black beauty is lovely inside and out, and we’re glad she’s staying in our extended family!


Eden is now ready to be part of our breeding program, having passed all of her health clearances. She is very, very sweet and a lot of fun. She is black and white, carries chocolate and the smooth-face gene. We are hopeful for puppies from in her August of 2019.

Felicity, now Lil’ Peep

Felicity is living in Denver, Colorado with a lovely family and has settled in nicely.

Finnegan, now Oliver

Finnegan is enjoying life in San Francisco with his new family. You can follow Oliver on Instagram.


Hannah will be enjoying life splitting time between Florida and Colorado along with her new Chihuahua brother, a Basset Hound brother, and two cats.


Hudson will be living at Lake Havasu in the cooler months and in Canada in the warmer months. What a lovely life for a Mi-ki!



Glitz will be living in Colorado with a wonderful family!

Hamilton now “Beemo”

Hamilton went to live in Connecticut (appropriately) with a lovely family with four kids who are sure to adore him. Follow Beemo on Instagram @beemo860

Glimmer, now “Smudge”

Glimmer is such a sweet boy and is going to be spoiled by his mom Candace in Connecticut.


Hunter is now living a pampered life in South Carolina!

Gleam, now “King”

King is now being spoiled by his new family in Colorado Springs.


Isabelle is being considered for our breeding program. She is out of Truffle and Moses and carries chocolate.


Lil’ Lulu

Lil’ Lulu went to go live with a sister from another litter, Bella!


Lexie is living a very spoiled life in Denver, Colorado.


Lucas is loving life living in Sacramento, California.