Previous Puppies

At Royal T Mi-kis, we are honored to be caretakers of people’s future lifetime companions. We get to hold and love these puppies for just a short season, but they live on in our hearts and get to be cherished family members in their new homes. 

Here you may see the quality previous Mi-ki puppies we’ve raised so you can get an idea of what your future Royal T Mi-ki puppy might be like. We’ve decided to organize them by their mother so you can see the types of puppies that might be produced in a future litter. Of course, the looks will vary based on the sire used. 

Brumby’s Run “Evie” One Loves Royal T

Though Savannah is our mascot, Evie is the queen of our pack. She produces beautiful puppies in a wide range of colors and sizes. We always pair her with Tesoro Mio Moshe “Moses” as we love the combination of what they produce.

Evie and Moses produce beautiful puppies that come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

“Savannah” – Jubilee’s Southern Charm Royal T

Savannah is our dark chocolate mascot and has enjoyed an extensive professional modeling career. Her images can be found all over, Amazon, and

Royal T’s Endearing Eden

Eden is Savannah and Sinbad’s daughter. She carries chocolate and smooth. She has a gorgeous coat and is our first mother who is able to produce the smooth-face variety of Mi-Kis.

Royal T’s Brilliant Brighton

Brighton is out of Evie and Moses and was our first UKC Champion.

My Little Cup o’ “Chai” Royal T

Royal T’s Lovable Lucy

Royal T’s Irresistible Isabelle

Royal T’s Happy Everleigh After

Royal T’s Blessed Bitsy

Bitsy, our long-coat sable Mi-Ki mom

Royal T’s Echo of Savannah