When Good Mi-kis Go Bad

IMG_3741Our fans look forward to our weekly updates of puppy photos of our “perfect” little angels.


Mi-kis are vicious beasts. They may be under two pounds, but they are fierce. And fast. Here is the proof.


Say goodbye to your precious petunias…

IMG_3521IMG_3532Mi-ki puppies attack!!


You may see the attack coming


and try to stop it


but it is futile…

You can run, but you can’t hide!



They’ll steal your things before you realize they’re gone!


They’ll take on other wild beasts three times their size!IMG_3518IMG_3514

But overall, they’ll still put their best side forward… sort of.


Mi-kis might just be a little bit crazy. But we love them just the same!


2 thoughts on “When Good Mi-kis Go Bad

  1. Judy says:

    Hi Mary, your Mi-ki’s are adorable! I just put a deposit on my second one. I have a chocolate & white male, he turned 1 in September. He is the love of my life! What’s your opinion on adding another Mi-Ki to my home? My Mi-Ki loves all people and animals. But do you think there will be any jealousy problems? By the way, I love your little commercials on baxterboo.com. I truly enjoy them.

    • royaltmikis says:

      Usually Mi-kis are happy to have another dog around, including another Mi-ki. If you add a Mi-k to your householdi, it would probably be better to add a female since sometimes males will compete with each other. Thanks for the compliments!

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