When Good Mi-kis Go Bad

IMG_3741Our fans look forward to our weekly updates of puppy photos of our “perfect” little angels.


Mi-kis are vicious beasts. They may be under two pounds, but they are fierce. And fast. Here is the proof.


Say goodbye to your precious petunias…

IMG_3521IMG_3532Mi-ki puppies attack!!


You may see the attack coming


and try to stop it


but it is futile…

You can run, but you can’t hide!



They’ll steal your things before you realize they’re gone!


They’ll take on other wild beasts three times their size!IMG_3518IMG_3514

But overall, they’ll still put their best side forward… sort of.


Mi-kis might just be a little bit crazy. But we love them just the same!


How to Host a Mi-ki Puppy Tea Party


Most folks might think it’s funny to host a tea party for puppies, but here at Royal T Mi-kis, we want to instill¬†fine manners into our young charges, so that when they go to their new homes, they know how to behave properly.

Okay, actually, we just thought it would be fun to get out Grandma Snyder’s fine china that we never remember to use. We think she is probably smiling at these cute little pups eating so daintily off the dessert plates and sipping water from her teacups.

Evie’s puppies are nearly seven weeks old, and we know our time with them is running short. It’s one of the hardest parts of having Mi-ki puppies for sale. So we want to celebrate and capture these precious moments while we can. We hope you’ll enjoy them too!

Preparing for a puppy tea party

To create a safe place for the pups to eat and play, we spread a tablecloth over a table without the legs and placed it on the grass. Next, we added the place settings and some silk flowers.

The puppies’ proper lunch today consisted of a mixture of Cocolicious Organic Beef & Turkey grain-free canned food, a smidgen of Nummy Tum-Tum Organic Pumpkin pet food supplement, and Now Puppy grain-free kibble for small breeds.

We decided that saucers would just be something for the puppies to step on and flip the teacups, so we skipped those. Water was the beverage of choice.

Cuteness ensued…

If you’re interested in one of these darling pups, feel free to browse our nursery¬†to see our available Mi-ki puppies.