Testimonials about Royal T Mi-kis

Our adopters are some of the best dog people around! We love having happy clients and are pleased to have repeat adopters. Here are a few excerpts from notes our clients have sent us.

From Cooper’s parents:

I love this breed so much. They make wonderful children. We rescued our last miki (Buddy)….who had so many medical and mental issues… We always wondered what he would have been like if he would have had a wonderful beginning like Cooper…now we know.

[Cooper] is completely potty trained, fetches toys and brings them back… He is such a joy and a gift from God. He is the best puppy we’ve ever had in over 30 years of having dogs. We love him so much. Thank you again so very much for Cooper. You are the best breeder of these little people. So organized and we can tell how much time and love was invested in our little Mini Cooper.

He hasn’t had an accident since the third day he was with us. Occasionally he just goes over and sits on the potty pad…looks at us for a treat… he is a funny little guy.

– The Rowes


Quality Mi-kis Bred With a Purpose!