Available Adult Mi-Kis

Occasionally, we have adults available to the right home. It’s always a difficult decision to place our treasured companions into other families when they’ve been such a huge part of ours. We try to balance the needs of the Mi-Ki gene pool, our family, and the needs of the dogs. This means not over breeding our Mi-Kis, not collecting too many, and allowing them to retire at a young age to a pampered life in a loving family where they aren’t competing with several other dogs for attention.

As family dogs, our adults are not accustomed to being in crates. They are fond of sleeping with humans, playing in the yard, and being part of our lives. In short, our adult Mi-Kis are ready-made pets that will thrive with a bit of fine tuning in their training that they’ll be able to receive under more individualized care.


We have decided to place our beloved Rayne who is 3 years old as of August 23rd. She is a beautiful and loving girl, and we are looking for a family to treat her like the princess she is.

Rayne is an absolute sweetheart!

Rayne is a long-coat Mi-Ki and weighs 6.5 pounds. She will be spayed before going to her new home on September 11, 2019. She is leash trained and is house trained to use both potty pads and goes outdoors. She likes riding in the car and does not get carsick. She would be a great travel companion.

Rayne has passed all of her health clearances as well as her Wisdom Panel and Embark DNA health screenings. Though initially passing her pre-pregnancy patella screenings, pregnancy hormones have made hers a bit more lax. She is not symptomatic., but to preserve her future joint health, we’ve decided to retire her. We recommend using furniture stairs to prevent injuries from jumping.