Meet our Friends Schatzi Mi-Kis

We’ve had a new offspring! And it’s not just a new puppy — it’s a new breeder that we’ve sponsored.

We want to introduce Angela Formby with Schatzi Mi-Kis. They are located in Southern Colorado. Their sire is Krieger who is out of Brighton and Sinbad. One of the dams, Dresden, is a sister to Li’l Louis, and Gretel is Harley’s littermate! So it’s kind of like working with family if you adopt from them!

They have two gorgeous litters (7 weeks & 3 weeks of age) with long coat sables and tricolors. If Evie doesn’t give us a tricolor female in her litter, I will seriously be tempted to get one of Angela’s! Angela has put tremendous effort into her new website and social media pages, so we hope you’ll at least follow Schatzi Mi-Kis even if you aren’t ready to adopt from them at this moment.

Angela is the type of breeder to do everything with excellence. In fact, we’re getting some tips from the Schatzi Mi-Ki program. For example, they’ve been using the Puppy Culture protocol, which we’re going to be exploring. She’s also cooler than me because she has a Tik Tok account! Watch her videos and see how carefully the nursery is set up. This is a wonderful program you can feel confident about. Check out their website and send them some love!

Dresden, Gretel, and Krieger at Schatzi Mi-Kis

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