No new puppies yet! 3/8/2020

We’re anxiously awaiting our new arrivals from Eden and Brighton. Fortunately, I work from home, so whenever the puppies decide to make their appearance, we will be ready for them.

Eden is a happy pregnant mommy-to-be!

Eden & Baron – due any moment

Eden is a beautiful black and white mom with a sweet, relaxed temperament. She is our largest Mi-Ki mom but produced a wide range of sizes in her previous litter. We repeated the breeding with Baron who is 5.5 pounds. They can have both long coat and smooth-face Mi-Kis, black and whites, sable and whites, and chocolate and whites.

Brighton & Sinbad – due 3/18/2020

Brighton is our cream and white 6.5-lb UKC Champion. She was paired with Sinbad, a very cobby solid black male who weighs a compact 8 pounds. This is the first time they’ve been paired.

We weren’t sure the pregnancy was going to be carried to term because Brighton experienced light spotting for several weeks. We did hear fetal heart beats with the Doppler monitor and her waist is enlarging, so this is great news!

Brighton and Sinbad can only produce long-coat puppies. They can produce both solid and spotted offspring including black, cream, and sable colors.

About our deposits

We currently have five desposits in place for our upcoming litters. Most of our clients are looking for a female, but these moms only produced one girl between the two of them in their first-time litters last year. So if you’re looking for a male, you may have a better chance of getting a puppy from us! Please see our previous post regarding the differences between male and female pets.

As a reference for how many puppies we might have this month, Eden had five puppies in her previous litter and Brighton had four.

Our deposits are fully refundable until a specific puppy is selected. Once a particular puppy is settled upon, that puppy is considered sold. Should there be a circumstance where that puppy cannot be purchased, the deposit then becomes trasferrable rather than refundable.

The selection process

Once all of the puppies are born, we have our clients with deposits wait a minimum of two weeks before deciding which puppies they might be interested in. Some puppies may be put on hold for show/breeder evaluation or may be put on hold if there are health concerns (i.e., very tiny or failure to thrive.)

By two weeks of age, we are beginning to get a feel for how the puppies are charting size wise but it’s not an exact science. We may also be running DNA tests on coat types and colors, which also takes time.

Unless the first deposits are quite certain about what they are looking for, it may take up to a month for people to make their selections – especially if there are breeder/show prospects. It is more important for us to have people happy with their new forever family member than to rush this important decision. We thank you for your patience!

What about future litters?

We’ve been holding off on doing any new breedings due to our oldest daughter getting married out of state in April. We have two upcoming candidates this month, however. Gestation is 63 days from ovulation and we have our puppies to stay with us until they are approximately 10 weeks or two pounds.

With this in mind, we could have two more litters in late May or early June with the puppies ready for their homes 2.5 months later.

We also have upcoming breeding hopefuls that could come into season in approximately June. Depending on their health screenings, we could be debuting Isabelle, Lucy, and Chai this summer. All three of these girls are on the small side, so we will be evaluating them carefully. If they are not deemed sturdy enough to be moms, we may be offering one or more of them to approved pet homes.

We skipped breeding both Truffle and Savannah in February. They deserved a bit of a pampered break. We may decide to breed our ever-popular chocolate moms in August, 2020, if they’re cleared by our vet.

Thank you for staying in touch with us!

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