Meet Rayne, An Enchanting Mi-ki Girl

We’re very excited to have added a new member to our Mi-ki pack. This smiling little girl had been whispering to us ever since we saw her first puppy photos. Dark puppies are very hard to photograph, but we could see she had the most enchanting little face, and we were smitten! We could see this little black diamond Mi-ki girl would make a lovely addition to our family.

Rayne’s full registered name is Brumby’s Run Right as Rayne Royal-T. It’s a big name for a little dog, but it suits her. She truly is right and has nestled herself deep into our hearts in a very short time.

She has a sweet, calm demeanor and seems wise beyond her age. She is watchful, thoughtful, and is very devoted in a quiet way. She would probably make an excellent therapy dog.

We’ve taken her on several outings, and she really doesn’t get rattled by anything. We even took her to Home Depot, where she was exposed to saw noise and a class of hammering human youngsters, and she took it all in stride!


It’s always great when you can combine good looks with a great personality. But those two factors are just the start of what we look for in a breeding hopeful.

Royal T Mi-kis is committed to producing healthy, well-balanced offspring. That’s why we go the extra mile and invest in extensive tests to determine breeding suitability. We’re pleased to say that her Mars Veterinary Optimal Selection Test has shown her to be clear of any of the 140+ heritable diseases that can be revealed in DNA.

Rayne’s Optimal Selection Test also revealed that she is a black and brindle carrier. Indeed, even though she looks black, her luxurious coat has strands of silver and gold. She will be quite stunning as she matures.

As Rayne matures, we’ll have her tested for ophthalmic and orthopedic conditions to be assured that she could be a great candidate for our breeding program. We are hopeful and confident that she’ll be as healthy and sound as she is pretty and sweet!

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