Evie’s First Litter!


Evie finally started acting like she was really going to have her puppies after teasing us for several days. She got a more serious look on her face, and we could see she was not just having contractions… she was pushing.

So we jumped into action and gloved up, not knowing how long her first litter might take. Would she have problems? Would we need to use our “Stuck Puppy Kit?” Would we need to make an emergency trip to the vet in the middle of the night?

Soon, all our questions were answered. On August 23, 2016, Evie easily delivered her first pup and went to work cleaning her. What we’d spent weeks preparing for, Evie just knew. She was a pro, even though this was her maiden whelp.

It was the first of many moments of being amazed at the wonder of nature. I’m pretty sure everyone would have been just fine without my assistance, but Evie seemed glad to have the support. I made sure she didn’t chew the cord too short. I used the tiny bulb syringe to help get the airways clear. But otherwise, Evie did all the work and taught me to just go with the flow.

The first puppy was a surprise tri-colored pup – mostly black with a bit of tan and flashy white markings. This little female was quick to breathe and let us know what she thought of the whole ordeal. She latched on quickly. Like Evie, she just knew what to do, and I was amazed.

Ten minutes went by and another girl was born. She was similar, but her markings were the red sable pied like her mother. Apparently, Evie started out looking dark, and like most long-haired Mi-kis, change to lighter colors as they mature.

20160824_082918 (1)

Pretty soon, four baby girls had joined us, and we thought we were done since that’s what the scan at the vet’s office had indicated a few days before. We’d changed all the bedding and got ready to go to bed.

An Unexpected Blessing

Then she started pushing again!

Surprise! Our first male arrived just after midnight, asserting himself as a little prince who couldn’t be bothered to share the same birthday with his four sisters!

Again, we were reminded that nature takes the wheel no matter how well we try to prepare with modern technologies and techniques.

Evie is a wonderful mother. All of the puppies are in healthy weight ranges and are nursing well. They’ve retained or gained a little weight, which is unusual for new pups, and we’re thrilled they’re thriving!

The Name Game

Next, comes the fun of naming the litter and the puppies. We’ll probably take the tradition of naming litters alphabetically. We’ll be choosing royal names, of course!

Any votes for royal “A” names?

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