Getting Ready for Our First Mi-Ki Litter!



Our Mi-ki Evie is pretty relaxed even though this is her first litter!


Princess Evie is due to have four Mi-ki puppies at any moment. As you can see, she’s not too stressed about it.

But as her mom, I’m nervous. I’ve been nesting like crazy for a week… cleaning, getting supplies and reading everything I can to make sure these puppies will arrive being healthy, whole, and comfortable. I’m excited to be a grandma!

Evie, being a princess, likes to do things in her own way. For instance, she teased us by thinking she might deliver several days ago. Her temperature dropped, she stopped eating for the day, and then, she decided, “no… just not feeling it today.”

Two sleepless nights later, we’re still waiting. But now her temperature dropped again, she only had a bite for breakfast, and she’s nesting and hiding. She’s panting. I think we might be getting somewhere.


Hiding in the closet, under the shoes and backpack.

We’ll keep you posted on how everything goes. There are always risks associated with whelping, but Evie is healthy and strong, and we don’t anticipate we’ll have problems.

Still, we’d appreciate your love and prayers as we wait for our first Mi-ki litter!

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